Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Working Mama Wednesday - Considering Change

This week I starrted getting a bit of tugging to consider doing something different than what I'm doing now.  Currently I work for a large corporation in a finance/strategic planning type of function though my background is in human performance/training and development/organizational development and that is what my advanced degrees are in.  I like what I do - my newer role is exciting and challenging and growing me in a new way.  Nevertheless I don't see myself in this role forever. 

There are a few seeds God has planted in me over time.  One is to write (books).  I have the gift (ability) and desire to do research (both academic and practical).  I have a HUGE desire to be doing something that makes a positive difference, a real-life actual changemaker in the world and, more importantly, in the lives of individual people.  Add to that my experience - I've spent about 10 years in progressively different levels of human performance improvement and with that comes A LOT of experience in public speaking with small and large audiences alike.  They say many folks fear public speaking more than they fear death.  I wouldn't say I was ever one of those people, but I'm certainly not today.  You want me to get up in front of a crowd and talk?  No problem.  God has given me a handful of life experiences that I do believe he wants to use for His glory, specifically in my being able to share with others about those experiences.  These include infertility, the world of foster care & adoption, the particular challenges we've had in our marriage, family substance abuse, raising gifted children, and probably a few others if I think about it.  And, through all of this, I've gained a few high-level contacts (friends, colleagues, etc.) that are wonderful to have in my life.

I know I am supposed to use all of that at some point for good, I'm just not sure yet when or how specifically.  I don't know yet if the tugging I'm feeling is just more seed being planted or a call to action.  I haven't even spoken to my husband about this recent activity yet.  I've asked God for a sign of sorts to let me know what I should do.  The concept is scary - I'm working on my 10th year in my current organization which to some degree brings stability and extra benefits that are really good for my family.  On the other hand, I am convinced that what I am supposed to do, whatever that is, will be by far the best plan for my family. 

I've committed to prayer.  I've asked for some sort of sign (which isn't like me!).  I suppose I should start by talking with my husband about it...that will have to wait until after #7s birthday party.  I see how this grand plan could start unfolding - but as you all know I've struggled in the area of distinguishing between my plans and those of the Divine. 

Those of the faithful variety, will you join me in praying for direction? 


MamaFoster said...

i always struggle with what is a "call to action" and what is just "wishful thinking".

is there anyway to do it while you keep your job?

Mie said...

The good news is - there absolutely is in this case! So, I don't have to switch jobs or give up my full-time gig to do what's on my heart. Of course, the more I do of that then the more it eats into non-work hours ( hours) and there already aren't enough of them. But, that's how I'd do it I think.

Penelope said...

Im going through the same. I'm 10 years from retirement. Tough!