Monday, July 25, 2011

Mie's Monday Recap

Yo!  (I prefer that greeting).  Sometimes on Mondays I don't have a great Moolah post - so instead I'll share with you sometimes our weekend adventures.  As a working mom I try to make sure weekends are all they can be and maximize the opportunity to be with the kiddos while balancing housework.  I imagine it kind of like the sprint version of what stay-at-home moms do.  (Please note - that was meant to be a compliment to stay-at-home moms who while may not keep up this pace daily, do it everyday and therefore earn marathon status).

Friday Night (...and the weekend's here.  I need to unwind where's the partay....)
  • Left work late (honestly I like working late on Fridays, before kids I used to work really late)
  • Picked up kiddos late
  • Took time to play hopscotch and look at Logie's chalk drawings at school before leaving to pick up the others.  Ran my plans for the evening by him (I almost always do).
  • Picked up the others
  • Headed to Chick-fil-A (just didn't want CiCi's Pizza again) where we learned that this week there is a family event where you get free dinner for dressing up like super heros...just our cup of tea and OH the boys are so excited.
  • Bought dinner.  Sat down.  Began dishing things out.
  • #7 began showing signs of not eating.  Our rule is that you have to eat 2 chicken nuggets (and for crying out loud they are small!) before you can have silly french fries and before you can play.  He threw a fit demanding a ham sandwich.
  • Ignored the fit.  Ate and played with everyone else.  Logie went to play.
  • Cleaned up vomit.  #7 does that when he doesn't want to eat.  He earned himself no playtime and no french fries.  I'm sure everyone thought I was horrible when I calmly explained to him that he vomited over his food and no, now he could not have any fries and no he could not play with the rest of the kids. SOmething about vomiting kids makes everyone around panic.  Not us anymore.
  • Helped all kids get to play area with #7 sitting out.  As #4 started crawling up the ladder noticed her diaper appeared to be leaking.  Play time was over, especially since I didn't have any diapers on hand.
  • Went home, put little kiddos to bed in prep for big kiddos fun night plans - MOVIE NIGHT!
  • I don't remember why now, but #7 didn't get to enjoy movie night, he went to bed too.
  • Watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the original!) with my son - it was his first time.  Had popcorn and bean bags.  Too much fun.  Actually, he did that while I folded all the laundry.  I folded laundry diligently through the entire movie and finished just minutes before it was over.  That was how much laundry I had to fold. 
  • Went to bed - it was about 11 or 11:30.
  • Slept in past 8am - seriously!  Loved that kiddos.  I think I'll reward you.  And keep you quiet while daddy sleeps...
  • Decided to take kids to the museum
  • Finally left the house around 9:15 - headed to get donuts for breakfast.
  • Realized in the chaos I left the diapers (not the bag, just the diapers) in the I stopped at Target where I bought the diapers, donuts, and a chai tea from the inside Starbucks before we got back on the road
  • Stopped five minutes later to clean up vomit.  #8 gets really car sick.  I hadn't even driven 3 miles yet but she vomited up her whole donut.  We now travel with those catchy bib things on her so it's easy to clean up.
  • Got back on the road - it's now about 9:50
  • Drove to the museum and arrived at about 10:40 - I know that because when I got inside apparently it was kids day and because of our membership we got into that part free and she said we had 20 minutes left before it was closed. SCORE!  Did arts and crafts before heading to the children's area
  • Spent about an hour through the kids area.  Had to make a bathroom trip once and only lost one kiddo once for about 30 seconds. That's when I knew it was getting too crowded and it was time to go home.
  • Drove home.  Daddy was awake and wanted to spend time with us!  He suggested CiCi's before shopping. 
  • Which we did - all was pretty much without a hitch except for daddy spilling Logie's drink on everyone.  With 4 kids around surely it was teh parent that knocked over the drink.  The bottom of my shoe was sticky. Which was great because at the store someone left an open can of fruit on the shelf and when I picked it up the juice spilled all over my foot.  Now the top was sticky - I was wearing sandals - oh joy.
  • Drove home again - nap time for everyone but mie and Logie.  We watched Netflix (it's what we do!) but I don't remember what, and I cleaned the house and did more laundry.  I also cooked 2 dinners, one for that night and one for the next/leftovers.  Before the kids woke up I also started cleaning out the craft drawers in the island.  Kids woke up, I wasn't done.
  • Cleaned the house for the next 2 hours while kiddos played.  While I was fixing the mop, the kids pushed over the mop bucket - no need for a fixed mop now I was mopping by hand.  Thankfully I use vinegar as an all purpose cleaner...
  • Auntie K showed up right as the bucket was spilled.  Kids played with their cousins.  I hand mopped.  By this time we had eaten dinner - well some had others had not.  Cousins decided to spend the night.  They also got to clean up the playroom, but not until after I cleaned up Logie's urine from the girl's closet - turns out they were playing baby and he didn't realize they were telling him to pretend...
  • Babies went to bed.  #7 went to bed too because he refused to listen (and it was 8:30)
  • Other kids were able to watch a movie - Cheaper by the Dozen.  Logie insists he wants 100 brothers and sisters.
  • Went to bed at 11:00ish.
Sunday -
  • Woke up at 7:15 to get ready for church.  Got all kids ready for church
  • Went to church - bought donuts on the way.  Had a great church service.
  • Mom flew in over night - skipped Costco and went to the baseball game to see her...drove 45 minutes to get there.  Stayed for 20 minutes and then left back home - it was nap time again.  Drove another 45 minutes desperately trying to keep the kids awake before we got home.  This meant singing "Old MacDonald" as loud as I could the entire way home.  Yep.
  • Arrived home.  Put all little kids and hubby to bed.  Turned on "Cop and a half" for the older kiddos while I watched "napped" on the floor with them...was woken up every 5 minutes for some sort of snack or craft materials and then 30 minutes later doorbell rang.  Another cousin arrived and I decided to just get up.
  • Cleaned for the rest of nap time.
  • Cleaned more after naptime was over.  Played cars memory with #7.  He "won". 
  • Got the kiddos ready to go to the splashpark.  It was about 5:45 when we left.  That's me and 6 kids.
  • Were headed to meet mom & baseball crew at dinner before splashpark. The game went long. I stopped to get gas to kill some time. Then they said they hadn't left yet and it would be another 45 minutes. Broke the news to the kids that we would not be going to the splash park - it would be too late. Took the kids to Red RObin instead of the original dinner location so that they could play games while they waited.
  • Baseball crew arrived at 7. 7 o'clock was the agreed time to call #7s biodad on the phone - we went fine. They all sat down while waiting for us and we had a relatively smooth dinner.  I mean - relatively smooth for 10 people, 7 of whom were children, 6 of whom are under 10.
  • During dinner decided to take the kids to lazer tag that night.  Mom stayed home with babies in bed and watched "Night at the Museum" the second one with the older littles.  I took the oldest two nephews to lazer tag.  I had been talking about doing something "big kiddish" with them for a while because they always have to do babier things with me now that we have little kids and I wanted to do something their age with them.
  • We left at 9pm and arrived at 9:25 - just in time to miss the next lazer tag and had to wait until 10:15.  (!!!)  Waited by bowling for "an hour" which was really 30 minutes.  Played lazer tag.  Had a blast doing it all. 
  • Arrived home at around 11pm.  Little kids were still up (no surprise).  Took a shower and got ready for bed.  Said goodnight to the bigs.  Put Logie to sleep in my room in the sleeping bag on the floor with the caveat that he could sleep with me if he got scared.  I laid down for 2 seconds and he joined me in bed.  "Seriously mom.  I was scared!".  Right. 
And now, here I am. This morning wasn't without adventure of course.  Couldn't find my computer and realized on Saturday when my sister stopped by she had borrowed it. I needed it for work.  So, scurried to go pick it up, then dropped the kiddos off, then realized I had my nieces car seat so went back home and dropped it off before finally heading into work.  Thankfully there wasn't any traffic today. 

Now it's time to work for a few more hours (like you know, 8) before heading home and having another rousing night.  GrandmaMom is still in town tonight but leaves tomorrow, so I expect a late night. 

Phew - How was your weekend?


Dana Beam said...

You're right. That's about all I can accomplish in an entire week as far as activities. I have no idea how you do it all in one weekend or for that matter can stay up so late and still wake up at 7.

Mama P said...

I was just complaining that my blog list was too short tonight, haha! I love reading people's schedules!

Im not a "working mom," per se, as I make my own hours, which usually revolve around hub's schedule, but I KWYM in terms of packing it all in! I feel like I pack all of my "me" things to do on his two days off, since he's not home otherwise!

I don't know how you get up at 7, either. We don't get rolling around here until 830 at least!