Blog Features

Though there is no doubt this blogger will miss some days, the intention is to incorporate these features on a somewhat regular basis.  Hopefully you enjoy and will find value in keeping up with Mie.

Say What ?!? Sundays - Kids say the craziest things and my Logan is no exception. So, Say What?!? Sunday (or, occasionally Saturday) is an opportunity to capture those moments that might otherwise be lost forever.

Moolah Mondays - An opportunity to discuss money matters for frugal living.
Tuesday's Tears - In living from peak to peak there are inevitably valleys.  Once a week I'll take time to share the valleys in life...those things that make me cry (and eventually bring me closer to my Savior).
Working Mom Wednesdays - Sharing my journey as a working mom with you, whether you're in a similar boat or not.  More for me than my audience, the intention is to share what I will be doing each week for Mie, because we all know that Moms, whether working outside the home or not, don't take nearly as good of care of ourselves and a happy mom is a happy house.  Intentionally blogging about it might make it happen regularly (and give you all ideas as well!).
Thankful Thursdays - Taking time out to share things worth celebrating.
Foster Parent Fridays - As foster parents we have been asked the same questions repeatedly multitudes of questions. Totally appreciate the curiosity and understand where the questions come from. The reality is that the world of foster/adoptive parenting is completely off the radar for most folks. It was for us, at least until we jumped in feet first. Now it is as normal and second nature to us as tying our shoes. So, the attempt will be for us to answer these common questions through Foster Parent Fridays