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Though my blog is first an opportunity for mie to journal "out-loud", I've been blessed with the opportunity to also use it as a way to connect with others for support on this journey. I love hearing from people who read my blog and having the opportunity to engage with people who have questions about its content.

The best way to contact mie with questions, feedback, and other inquiries:

Yes! I'm interested in writing opportunities and speaking engagements. Contact mie for details.

*Please Note* - As foster parents, we need to abide by confidentiality requirements not only because it's mandated but also because it's wise to keep our children and family safe. For that reason, I will be cautious in sharing specific on the blog and with people who contact mie through the blog, just as I do in real-life. Similarly, please do not share information from this blog without written permission.

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Suzanne Andersson said...

Enjoyed your bit about salvation as my grandson is 5 & I want to talk to him about God! He wants to save the world already! Thank you for your thoughts! Suzanne Andersson

Anonymous said...

Hi Mie,

Do you mind if I share you THAT child post on my blog? It's so beautiful - it should be read by all foster parents.