Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday - The Little Things

There are lots of big things in my life.  But today, I'm going to do a photoblog post of sorts to show gratitude for some of the little things in life that make my life easier, more enjoyable, etc.

We recently finished up our church's VBS - the way it works at our church is that we do VBS as a family.  Our little kids were in childcare and had themed projects and events to do while our oldest kiddo went to church with us (or we with him) and we worshipped, saw skits, played games, gave offering, made crafts, and did devotional times.  It was such a wonderful, important time for our family.  Our son loved going on stage to do the motions to songs and having his mommy and daddy volunteer for activities.  It was just a great, great time that meaned so much to all of us.

Nothing says "Yay we're done with VBS" like coming home to a 4000+ sq ft home that smells like poop.  After putting both girls to bed and checking their diapers several times, we found the offender - dog poop in the playroom.  Thankfully no toys were harmed, just carpet which I assure you was bad enough.  My husband and I spent the next 30 minutes cleaning and sanitizing the spot that had been so nicely covered in doggy diahrea.  All parts are now soaking in bleach.

Marie Callender's Dutch Apple Pie, 45 oz

I've posted about this before, but one of my indulgences is this pie.  I make one occassionally and eat it in about 7-10 days.  Of course I add generous helpings of vanilla bean ice cream to set it just right.  As I looked for this picture one link indicated it would give me the calorie count.  I'm thankful for the ability to choose not to look at that.  Because nothing rewards you for cleaning up dog poop like a slice of this stuff with some yummy vanilla ice cream.  I don't share - I told #7 that he won't like it cuz he won't eat fruit.
Fructis HRSPR N/A Wonder Waves Size: 8.5 oz+ Garnier Fructis Curl Sculpting Cream-Gel Extra Strong+

I LOVE these products.  They help me keep control of my hair, which I've come to love now too.

2011 Toyota Sienna Sport Package  photo

This is our car - well not the one displayed but we have the exact same one - it's a 2011 Toyota Sienna that is just about 1 year old now.  It works perfect for us - 8 seats but convertable to 7 very easily and conveniently.  It's versatile to match our ever-changing family.  We love everything about it except that it doesn't have automatic lights at night - you actually have to turn them on and off.  Crazy huh?  :)

I have had really good luck with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates).  I've had 2 in my 5 cases (my short, short case had one I just never had a chance to meet her).  I love these folks.  Thanks to my (kids') CASAs!  You know who you are - I wish you the best.

If you're not familiar with this super place - you should be!  In-N-Out just opened in Texas (Dallas) recently.  It's yummy, fresh, a little taste-of-home, and now it's here all the time!  Woot Woot!

I love these kids - and all the ones I've had in the past year.  While they are not a "little thing" in my life, I do love all the pictures and memories and the opportunity to love on them.  I love the opportunity to pour into their lives and help them through a rough time.  And I love my son's adorable face and personality.  This is what makes it all worth it.

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