Friday, July 08, 2011

Thankful Thursday (Continued)

I was just going to edit the post I wrote yesterday.  If you missed it, it's important in our journey, so catch back up on it here.

One of the things that I'm really excited about (and I'm grateful for understanding) is the thought about new baby's new family.  Seeing as how he is going to be adopted through a private agency (I don't know which one...) and how mom has already spoken to them to do interviews, I know exactly what's happening or has been happening over the last few days.  There is a family out there who has struggled with fertility or who has been eagerly waiting on an infant list hoping to adopt.  They are going on about their normal life, either secretly or not-so-secretly waiting probably as patiently as they can for the call.  I'm not exactly sure how long they've been waiting or what their circumstances are, but they're life is about to/has just experienced change.

I imagine a hopeful mom like me.  Maybe she's sitting down to do her homework late at night (#1 & #2), maybe she just arrived home and is trying to get dinner started (#3), maybe she's waiting outside a foster visit waiting for a phone job interview to begin (#4), maybe she's in class (#5 & #6), maybe she's driving home from work (#7 & #8).  She's going about her day and then then when she least expects it the phone rings out of the blue and her life is changed forever.  They say something like "are you sitting down?"  and then something like "how would you like to have a new son in a few days?".

That moment will be life-changing.  The joy and excitement and relief and overwhelming happiness that will come from that moment is so incredibly happy.  Of course, there will be some fear and panic and craziness that will shortly ensue once they say yes.  But there is a family out there who have been desperate to become parents who will have their dreams come true very, very shortly.

I know those feelings.  I know what it's like to want a child that I couldn't have on my own.  I know what it's like to wait and wait and wait and be discouraged and encouraged in the wait.  I know what it's like when you hear the phone ring and see it's not a number you recognize (or, in this case it will probably be their caseworker at the agency, a number they've saved into the phone...I know that too as I have quite a few CPU workers numbers in my phone too!).  I know what it's like to call my husband and tell him about "the call".  I know what it's like to suddenly have your world turned upside down for the best possible reason.

Chances are we will come to know this family over time as we will be raising siblings in our respective homes.  I pray that this time for them is super joyous and that they have the support they need as they get ready.  I pray that our relationship over time will grow to be a special friendship.  I pray that they know that despite our desire to raise this child and keep him with his sister, we know beyond a doubt that God is in this and that He has ordained this outcome and that we are extremely excited about their blessing. 

Welcome to our family, new friends.  Congratulations mom and dad!  Hope to meet you soon.


Raina said...

You make me smile, Marie!

Anonymous said...

Hello, and Thank you so much for letting us see a glimpse of your life with Sophia. She is gorgeous an looks so must be doing a wonderful job with her!
We (my husband, myself, and our 4 daughters) are incredibly excited at the possibility of bringing this little guy into our home..our little prince! We are also honored at the thought of calling you friends! Hopefully we will meet soon. Karri and Jim...and girls

karri said...

Marie, you are an amazing person! The pictures of Sophia show a beautiful and happy little girl-a true testament to the wonderful job that you and your husband are doing. You did not offend me by any of your posts and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to get to know a little background of baby's situation. We are overjoyed at the thought of bringing this little guy into our home and we are looking forward to meeting your beautiful family. Jim, Karri and girls.