Monday, December 08, 2014

Welcome to the Roller Coaster: Purchase Your Copy Now!

Welcome to the Roller Coaster: Real Life Stories of the Ups and Downs of Foster Care is a compilation of stores from 14 foster moms who got together to help Cherub Mamma as she fought for the safety of her foster children, Dude and Dolly.  For the past two years this group of (mostly) anonymous women, most of whom are still on the roller coaster, have fought through every type of challenge to get this book out so that readers everywhere can have a realistic understanding of life as experienced by foster families.

If you are like most of the people I encounter regularly, foster parenting is something you're intrigued by and are curious about.  You admire others who sign up for the ride and help the children but something keeps you from getting in line.  You wonder how "we" foster parents do it and behind closed doors what "it" really looks like.  This book is for you.

Many of you are on the fence.  You feel maybe, just maybe, you're being called to this life if at least for a time but you haven't quite moved forward because you need a realistic preview of what to expect.  You know not everyone experiences the same thing and every case (and family) is different, but you still wish you could see what really happens before you finally get in line.  This book is for you.

I remember clearly being in foster care classes being taught generic information about what to expect but desperately wanting more.  I wanted to hear from someone about kids they had and how the cases turned out.  I was in line along with my other classmates trying to get licensed, looking at that roller coaster in front of me, eagerly anticipating the first drop and twist and turn that came our way.  I wanted someone who'd been there to share their story with me.  This book would have been for mie and if you're in line, it's for you too.

If you're a foster mom, sometimes you feel alone.  You can't share the details of your case but you really want someone to understand what you're going through.  I get it - that's why I have my blog and so many wonderful friendships built over the years through the blog-o-sphere.  You want someone to relate to while you're on your own roller coaster - this book is for you.

Some of you are on the ride because you were dragged along by a family member or good friend.  You're not a foster parent yourself but the ups and downs, twists and turns are real to you because you're supporting someone else who is riding the ride.  You're a great friend.  You don't have to be going along but God Bless You for being there.  This book is for you, too.

The presale will only be available through 12/14 so place your order here today!