Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun Picture Project

So, my recent Thankful Thursday post sent me on a mission to find pictures for all of my kids.  This was SO fun.  All of these pictures were taken "naturally" in our attempts to get good pictures.  This tells you a couple things - even though we have a great camera it's hard to get good shots of our kiddos and as you can see I haven't taken the time to get rid of junky pictures in a LONG time.  And I probably won't - because obviously you never know when you're going to need them!  Enjoy - I certainly did!

#1, playing in our backyard sprinklers
#1 again in what we call the "front 9"'s the front half of our backyard looking through the fence toward the "back 9"

Our son Logie & #2 - see the matching?  this is 1 wk after we got them and I took full advantage of having multiple kids
This is me, Logie, and #1 & #2 at the baseball park after winning a trophy.  Amazing how none are looking (and equally amazing how little Logie looks.  It's 7 days after my best friend died.  Her son was there with Granny to pick up his trophy.  My son was the only one there without his uniform on (Hey!  My first time - I didn't know!)
I wish I had one like this for all foster kids - just the perfect cover!  Alas, this is Logie.

A going home picture - we take a family picture shortly before all kids go home.  This one is the day #1 & #2 left our house.  You can kind of see my boot on my leg and definitely the boxes from moving.

This is #3 - his 1st birthday was 3 weeks from the day he came to us.  Planning a 1st bday for a child you've never met before with 3 weeks lead time is interesting at best.  But we pulled it off because that's what foster parents do - no kiddo should ever have to miss his first birthday!  Thanks to all our friends and family who were there.

I loved his interaction with the cake.  It was just great - #3 still.

In here are mie, #3 (way back there) and #4.  Perfect shot for confidentiality! 

Gotta love red eye! 

I love this picture purely because her hair is so cute with that bow.  I quickly learned that ponytails of some sort are absolutely necesary for messiness and bows are absolutely banned because she rips them out (well, now she's better)

This is Logie again - have to have pictures of him in here.  This is him smiling for the camera but keeping an eye on that goat.  I just love that expression - he's an expressive boy and to capture it on camera is priceless.

More goat feeding - mie, Logie, and #4.  Where's #3?  He couldn't come with us to the fair that day.  It was for Logie's birthday but #3 had a visit so caseworker dropped him off at my house with my sister who cared for him until came home.

Us and Big Tex.  Shades and shade plus a non-looking baby make it all perfect.
 This series of pictures makes me just laugh...there were more too...Logie's birthday party and #4 is on my lap.  #4 manages to hide herself from the camera the whole series!

Here my hair is covering her.

Here my arm is covering her
And here my arm is really covering her.

At Logie's birthday in the bouncehouse after everyone left - this is just a perfect picture.  #3 & #4

Right on cue #4 - this was her chuckEcheese birthday party with her cousin who's birthday is the next day.  The rest of us followed directions and smiled but she followed her own directions.

I throw this one in here because it's another perfect example of what it's like to try to take a family picture - Logie's not looking, we're smiling, notice hubby is trying to keep Logie still, #4 is trying to crawl away from mie, and #3 isn't looking either.  Add the blur and perfect!

Daddy, Logie, Cousin A, #3 and #4

Logie is taking the picture.  He did pretty good keeping it still for non-blur but neither baby is looking. Cousin A, #3, #4, Mie, & Daddy

Trying to take Halloween pictures.  The costumes make for great cover but so do bigger kids who entertain. #3, #4, Cousin A, Logie

Then there's this.  I LOVED this picture.  This was the last in a series of 4 attempts trying to get a good one.  Then this happened and I'm sure I dropped the camera to help. (Cousin A, Logie, #3 & #4)

We can use a halloween bucket (#3)

Logie again - he took a series of probably 20 of these...he just kept reposing and asking me to take was cute.

We can hide our face #3

Here's what Christmas morning looked like at some points...Logie & #4.  #3 spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day with his parents.

We try to take a lot of "all family" pictures - so every once in a while we make sure we get "core family" pictures too.

The snowy weather provides good opportunities for cover Logie.

See, snow is great cover!  Unfortunately, it doesn't cover the snot running down her nose #4.

But I still managed to smile at the camera Mie & #4.
And here's one just for fun - It's my nephew in the act of being hit by a snowball by one of his sibilings.  Perfect shot.
A hat can work as cover...Logie and Mie
or you can let the 4 year old take pictures.  This one's mommy.
This one's daddy.
And this is the back of this guy's head.  No joke...I had 58 pictures of the back of this guy's head.  I think Logie was trying to take pictures of all the monster truck action or the big screen.  Not sure which but it ended up with this 58 times.

And here's what it's like to try to take pictures of 3 kids (#3, #4, Logie).  It doesn't work...I tried several several times and each was a version like this.

See...even with me trying to hold them from behind and hide myself it didn't work.  #3, #4, Logie

These pictures above are from #3's going away party...they include #3, Logie, Mie, and guests.  #3 was having nothing to do with taking goodbye pictures.  To be fair he wasn't feeling well.

We actually did manage to get a good version of this one - we were home by ourselves so we had to use the timer which proved challenging for sure.  At least we all were matching!  That of course was totally good fortune as it was st. patricks day and we happened to be wearing our st. patty's day shirts...daddy just had boxers so I'll spare you that.  This also happens to be one of only 3-4 pictures I have total of #5 & #6.  Not sure how I numbered them in the "My Kids" page, but the one I'm holding is probably #6 and the one daddy is holding is probably #5.  Sitting behind mie is #4 and in front is Logie.
I just love this really is just like us - we're pretty connected so when we can't be together we still try.  Logie & Mie

This is actually a good family picture action shot - we only had Logie and #4 at this moment - and she managed not to look at the camera...perfect!  Apparently it is pretty difficult to get a toddler to say cheese at the camera on time.

We didn't stay a family of 4 for long.  First #5 & #6 joined us (see st. patrick's day pic above) then they went home and we were blessed with #8 and her brother (#7).  An Easter basket works to cover the face.

So does blur - Logie and #7. 

#4 (left) & #8 (right) totally taking advantage of the matching...notice the previous pic - the boys match too and so do all of their Easter baskets.  I'm one cool momma.

#7's hair can hide his face as can looking for Easter eggs - but even that egg isn't hiding as well as #7's face!

And more blur...funny how in most pictures Logie is fairly clear but the others aren't.  Either the camera knows which kiddos are already "forever kiddos" or he is much more still than the others.  I could probably argue either point.  This is definitely Logie and #7, but the blur on the far left I'm not quite sure...either it's my friend's son or #8.  Could be either and is probably #8. 

And here's daddy and Logie - just because it's cute.  Notice the laundry next to his hand on the top of the couch. 

Hope you've enjoyed this photo tour of our family and how it's changed over the past year.  I certainly did!

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