Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Picture Time!

So I never get to post pictures.  As a blog reader I know how much readers like to see pictures, but it's just so rare that I have a hand to take a picture and when I do the picture would violate confidentiality.  But today I have a surprise treat for you all!

TA DA!!!  See, we do exist!  It's not the best picture in the world, but it's pretty accurate.  Let me set the stage for you.  It's about 7:30pm a few weeks ago.  We had eaten dinner and then gone to our backyard to go swimming in a blow-up baby/kid pool.  (You can't see that, but for context it's behind the cameraman, behind a locking gate of course.)  While we were getting dried off , which takes a while to get 4 kids in wearable towels, some of them found the chalk. I think we had popsicles too - maybe.  Anyway - they started asking me to make certain chalk pictures - here you can see my purple flower, the tulip, and the balloon, but you can't see my truly cool specially decorated birthday cakes.  You also can't see the mosquitos that were apparently eating my kids (but not me, surprise!) alive.  Our son Logan is the one in Orange.  #4 is in my arms - she just tripped on something and fell so I'm comforting her - she's a cuddler.  #7 is in the blue towel drawing something.  #8 is in the pink towel and is not only sitting in the chalk but playing in it as well. 

We were having a great time outside that night and after my husband took this picture I was so excited because though it's not the most flattering one of me, it is one I could share and shows actual life around my home.  I love that anyday over "family portraits", though I do prefer it when I can see everyone's faces.  This is the closest you'll get though until any adoptions are finalized! 

I'm thankful for my family and our beautiful backyard. I'm thankful for sidewalk chalk and the baby wipes that wash it off of skin.  I'm thankful for those super cool towels that fit my kids perfectly and came in enough styles/colors that each kiddo could have their own - it's been a wonderful purchase.  And I'm thankful for having an opportunity to share all of this with you.


Mama P said...

Those are my favorite kinds of photos as well! I wish I had more of myself with my children, but my husband can't work a camera to save his life, even the phone, haha! you leave your kiddie pool filled up and that is why you have a gate around it?

Mie said...

That is a great question. Answer: Absolutely not! Minimum Standards require that kiddie pools be drained daily so I would NEVER accidentally leave the kiddie pool filled up, not mie! ;) Just in case a neighbor kid hops the fence and fills our kiddie pool even though they have an awesome inground pool because their father owns a pool company I keep it behind the gate. Cuz I can see crazy teenagers doing that and I don't want any accidents!

If for some reason water ended up in the pool (those darn lazy teens not cleaning up after they are done!) when I went out to let the kids swim I'd certainly clean it out and refill before letting them swim anyway - we don't swim in the kiddie pool everyday and more than a day or two in there creeps me out with the bugs and bacteria and stuff that goes in water. The kids love putting it in their mouth and it just creeps me out to think about it.

My husband actually wants the pool there...there is a side gate right there where the pool happens to fit. I'm going to guess the real reason he wants it there is that it's out of the way and not on his grass (in the way when he mows - he doesn't mow behind that gate regularly) and to keep the dogs from popping the pool (they don't go in that spot).