Thursday, January 26, 2012

Working Mama Wednesday - 2 Truths & a Lie Answers

The correct answers for the lies are - C, A, A, B, B, and B.  Read on below for explanations!

Group 1
A) Last night my husband told mie to stop pretending to bite him while he was on the phone with this father.
B) This morning my husband said he was watching an SUV in rising water - it had 6-8 inches below the roof.
C) My alarm clock woke mie up at 5:30am this morning.

Sadly, I was trying to pretend to bite my husband while he was on the phone with his dad last night.  I was amused.  He was not.  That is probably even more sad.  

We had a lot of rain in the DFW area overnight.  Apparently this morning my husband had to respond to a swift water rescue where someone drove their SUV into an intersection where the water was rising.  She was pulled out safely but the car was stuck.  While waiting for a wrecker the water rose higher and higher so that it was nearly completely covered.  That is a bad day for those folks.

My alarm clock did not wake mie up at 5:30 this morning.  It was set for 5:55 am but never had a chance to go off.  Instead I was awakened by an extremely loud crash of thunder.  God told mie to get out up.  Surely He meant wake up so I stayed in bed and watched the news for 20 minutes before actually getting out of bed to start the day.

Group 2
A) Summer is fully potty trained and we are done with toddler diapers!
B) We prayed with Logan last night for salvation and my hubby cried.
C) #10 has progressed to the point where he walks most places and can say "love" while he cuddles with you.

We did pray with our son last night for his salvation.  He has been asking lots of questions recently and last night was the night to pray "the prayer".  I don't particularly believe that saying a specific set of words in and of itself will save you and automatically turn you into a Christian, nevertheless it was for him an "official" start to his walk with Christ and my husband and I will continue to help him grow in his faith as he gets older.

Summer is not potty trained yet.  She's hit this point where she's refusing to go on the potty.  This is very hard to handle as a working mom.  If I weren't working I'd keep her home with mie either naked or with real underwear on and teach her that way.  I don't have that option right now so things are slower than I'd hoped.  That's ok.

Aren't you proud of #10 too?  Considering when he joined us less than 2 months ago he was showing no signs of walking-readiness and the only vocalization he had was this hideous screech, this is super progress.

Group 3
A) I made the daycare change a child's pants yesterday - they had poop on them but the diaper was clean.
B) I assigned one child to cook dinner for us this week as a consequence for his actions.
C) I sent one child to bed early last night for sneaking candy from a Christmas stocking.

#9 has a bad habit of sneaking food that she finds "out", particularly candy or cookies.  We don't usually leave these things out but around Christmas we had things out more often and that's when her tendencies became known to us.  It's not something most 3 year olds wouldn't do.  Last night she found a stocking in our bedroom while waiting for us to finish bathing Summer & #10.  She went to bed early by about 10 minutes and didn't get a story.

For Monday's dinner I had prepared a pork roast in a crockpot and had turned it on.  Later that day my hubby mentioned that it wasn't plugged in.  The culprit?  Logan - he'd unplugged the crockpot to plug in his cell phone (it has games but no service, an old one from many years ago).  His consequence (since we didn't have dinner ready as a result) was that he has to cook dinner for us this week.  Friday he will be cooking chicken nuggets and french fries along with setting the table.  Yes, I will be helping him to make sure everything is done right and no one is burned.

No, I did not make the daycare change #10 even though he did in fact have poop on his pants.  They insisted they would do it and I insisted they would not.  We had a 2 minute drive home where I immediately cleaned him up and changed him into his PJs.  For mie this was much better than making another pair of pants dirty and having one less pair on standby at school.

Group 4
A) To save time in the morning, I put my makeup on in the car.
B) To save time in the morning and evening I blow dry my hair before going to bed each night.
C) To save time at night I have a meal plan posted in my kitchen.

Most mornings you will find mie putting on my makeup in the car after I drop my kids off.  Sometimes this means I put it on when I get to work in the parking garage.  I'm totally ok with that.  

Blow drying my hair at night would not ever save mie time.  My hair is on the border of curly and wavy and in the middle of my back - it would take mie forever to blow dry it decently and when I woke up it would be a mess again.  Instead I put it in a bun wet, with conditioner and a special gel, so that when I wake up it is less wet and ready to scrunch and be done.  I will often add a little bit more gel and maybe some hairspray and this way, in my opinion, it turns out beautiful with no fuss.

I do have a meal plan posted in my kitchen.  It includes what is on the agenda for dinner for the next 2 weeks.

Group 5
A) I feed my forever children breakfast before school.
B) I feed my foster children breakfast before school.
C) I drink a home-prepared Starbucks Chai Tea Latte for breakfast each morning.

I do drink a home-prepared chai in the morning.  I usually bring it with mie for the drive.  I also feed my forever kids breakfast before school.  I don't feed my foster children breakfast before school.  I hate this but it has to be this way.  My forever children go to a different school than the fosters.  That school does not include breakfast so I have to feed them before we leave.  The foster's school does include breakfast.  If I feed them before I drop them off they will end up eating twice or be forced to sit out while the other kids are eating.  They already have a few challenges with regulating the amount of food they eat so it works out best if I get them ready while the other two are eating breakfast and then they watch tv or  play while I get the forevers breakfast.  Nevertheless, it is still a bit awkward for mie that I "treat them differently".

Group 6
A) I recently lost my car keys.  I blame it on the kids.  I'm sure they took them out of my purse.
B) I found my car keys under the Christmas tree blanket that is still up in the foyer.
C) Thankfully, I keep 2 sets of car keys in my purse.

Unfortunately, I did lose my keys recently.  I do believe the kids took them out of my purse.  I have to zip it up when I come home or else they will take everything out of it.  Sometimes I forget to zip it.  That is how I know they will take everything out of it.  Thankfully, I do keep 2 sets of car keys in my purse.  Unfortunately, the two sets are one for each car so I don't have my own set of keys for the swagger waggon at this point - hubby and I have to share.  The good news in that is the kids only lost that key, which was on a separate key chain.  I still have the key chain with my car key to our other car and my house key.  Not that I use the house key - I almost always go in the garage door.

I have a feeling the Christmas tree may be hiding my car keys.  There is no basis for this feeling but I haven't checked yet to rule it out.  Therefore, I haven't found them.  I'm holding out hope.  Yes, one of our Christmas trees is still up.  But give us props for taking down the garland this week that was on the banister.

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MamaFoster said...

That is exciting about them praying for salvation, great first step! We are also in the throws of potty traing....hoping she gets it soon!