Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Working Mama Wednesday - 2 Truths & a Lie

How about a fun game for a Wednesday morning?  Let's do 2 Truths and a Lie, shall we?

Here are the rules.  I will give you sets of 3 things "about mie" below.  Each choice will be labeled a, b, or c.  Your mission is to correctly identify the lies about mie and post them as comments below.

Group 1
A) Last night my husband told mie to stop pretending to bite him while he was on the phone with this father.
B) This morning my husband said he was watching an SUV in rising water - it had 6-8 inches below the roof.
C) My alarm clock woke mie up at 5:30am this morning.

Group 2
A) Summer is fully potty trained and we are done with toddler diapers!
B) We prayed with Logan last night for salvation and my hubby cried.
C) #10 has progressed to the point where he walks most places and can say "love" while he cuddles with you.

Group 3
A) I made the daycare change a child's pants yesterday - they had poop on them but the diaper was clean.
B) I assigned one child to cook dinner for us this week as a consequence for his actions.
C) I sent one child to bed early last night for sneaking candy from a Christmas stocking.

Group 4
A) To save time in the morning, I put my makeup on in the car.
B) To save time in the morning and evening I blow dry my hair before going to bed each night.
C) To save time at night I have a meal plan posted in my kitchen.

Group 5
A) I feed my forever children breakfast before school.
B) I feed my foster children breakfast before school.
C) I drink a home-prepared Starbucks Chai Tea Latte for breakfast each morning.

Group 6
A) I recently lost my car keys.  I blame it on the kids.  I'm sure they took them out of my purse.
B) I found my car keys under the Christmas tree blanket that is still up in the foyer.
C) Thankfully, I keep 2 sets of car keys in my purse.

Alright friends - get to commenting with your answers.  I'll post answers before tomorrow morning.

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