Sunday, January 22, 2012

Say What (!?!) Sunday - Who's Really In Control Here?

This past weekend my son spent the night with his cousins.  After an evening and a full day spent playing with them, it was time to pick him up.  I called to see how he was doing:

Mie: Hi Logie!  How are you?
Mie: mind was 5:15ish, I was home by myself with the other 3 kiddos, and it was about 45 minutes from darkness.  Sure Logan!  I panic to think how I can do that quickly...  I'll be there in a little while.

We had a good time at the park.  It was fun until my long-time potty trained 3 year old decided to poop in her pants, the 3rd kid of the day to poop in their pants (or out of them) in a public spot.  After cleaning up it was dark and we had to go home.

Yesterday I was at my sister's house hanging out.  Everyone was taking turns sharing Logan's Speech stories after Logan helped his auntie remember what those turny screw things are called - you know - WINGNUTS!

Anyway, it was Uncle Mike's turn.

Mike: Mie - you know what Logan said yesterday when you took them to the park?
Mie: No what?
Mike: After you hung up with him he turned to Aurora (his cousin) and said 

"See Aurora, I TOLD you I'd FORCE one of the adults to take us to the park".

Mmmhmmm.  Wish I would have known that BEFORE I took them...

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