Monday, January 16, 2012

Moolah Monday - Donations

(This is part 1 of 2)

Our budget has been stretched pretty thin since we adopted Summer.  In one day our budget became about $1600 lower than it had been before.  This one day came only 14 days after our budget had taken a separate $1400 hit.  Add that up and it's a grand total of $3000 less to spend each month.  No wonder we're feeling the pinch!

Thankfully God continues to provide for us and in reality this $3000 has come entirely from our additional spending or saving money.  In all honesty, it makes the frugal momma in mie sick that we didn't even think about the fact that we were spending THAT much money each month that we obviously didn't need.  Without it, we were still able to spend plenty on Christmas and we're still making it during our most challenging financial months of the year (January & February).  Let mie tell you, our financial hearts have been taught a lesson in being responsible with our finances.

Due to our limited resources we've been less able to spend on things we'd previously said we "needed", including a full wardrobe for #9.  She's a bit larger than the average 3-year-old and seeing as how this is both the oldest (and largest) girl we've had we're less prepared with clothes that fit her.  She didn't come with many that fit to begin with - her existing wardrobe apparently was made up from anything from 18 months to size 8 - I think I salvaged 2 pairs of PJs (one slightly torn), 1 pair of underwear, 1 pair of pants (that were slightly too short), and 2 shirts.  That's all the girl had that fit.  After going through my stockpile of clothes I was pleased to find a few more size 3s (good for Summer), some size 4s, and 1 or 2 size 5s.  Most of the size 4s were too small but some were suitable.  Other than that this little girl was in serious need of clothes that fit!

When she came I went out and spent about $100 on things we needed, both for her and her brother.  $50 of that came from a gift from a family member for Summer's adoption.  In that loot I was able to score some leggings and turtlenecks along with some sweatsuit sets in her size.  This left her with about 5-6 outfits that could be worn regularly.

(Then my washer went out...seriously not convenient challenged my creativity to keep her clothed well!)

Last week at church Summer's teacher stopped us several times to say that she had some clothes for us.  A family  member of hers was going to give them away to a charitable foundation but she pleaded to give them to someone at church.  She thought of our dear Summer.  This wonderful woman thought of us when she had plenty to share.  She had no idea how much she was helping out.

Look at all those clothes.  If you can't see very well, those are 6 stacks of girls' clothes - each stack is 8-12 pieces high.  Most of them are size 3T, which is perfect for Summer as she grows into them this spring and summer.  Some were size 2T, which I can add to my 2T collection for future kiddos.  Then there were several 4T and 5T items as well.  The stack in the top right corner is all 4T and 5T shirts - I had #9 try them all on and you should have seen her light up.  That green one on top is especially cute and she beamed when she wore it to church on Sunday.  After letting the girls try on a few pieces I went in and sorted through their existing stuff and put things away either in their drawers (to be used now) or in tubs (to be used in the future).

Now we are perfectly set for clothes for Summer until she's in 4T.  When we get to 4T we probably need some more items, but we have a really good start.  #9 has a great start on her 5T wardrobe and many of the 4T stuff will do for now.  We are so blessed.

Come back tomorrow for part 2 of 2 - Tuesday's Tears - Donations

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