Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Children's Prayers

This is my right arm.  See that scar?  I know you are out there saying "how can I miss it!"  I got that scar a few days before Christmas when we had our annual family cookie baking day.  Apparently it was a really, really bad burn.  I hardly felt it at all.  It didn't really blister quickly like most of my burns do.  Nope - with this one the skin was just gone and it has taken a really long time to heal.  Truth-be-told it was on a spot I already had built up scars on, albeit not this bad, and I think that is part of the reason it didn't hurt so badly when I burned it.  If I put my wrists together you'll notice matching scars on each arm in that spot and again a little bit higher just under the thumb though again none as bad as this.

I get a burn in those spots almost every time I put something into or take something out of the oven.  You'd think I'd learn, but as you can see, I haven't yet.

The girls are fascinated by my "boo-boo".  They ask mie about it every time they see it.  Then they ask mie 10 times in a row just to make sure they heard it right.  Now #9 will tell mie "Mommy is that the boo-boo you got from the cookies?".  Well yes, sort of.  It is cute that they are so concerned about it but it is highly annoying to mie as well - they want mie to show it to them so they can examine it and it often turns into the thing to do when they don't want to do what I told them to do.

Often when the kids get boo-boos I first "kiss it and make it better".  I'll often hug them and ask if they're ok.  I usually tell them they'll be fine.  Sometimes they want to make it bigger than it is and I want to tell them "WHAT DO YOU WANT MIE TO DO ABOUT IT!?!?!"

That is the real side of mie.

Instead of saying that, I often say "let's pray for it".  It's a good model to show them to take our wounds and concerns to Christ and it's also a good model for them as they grow older to know that though people can bring some healing only God can truly heal.  Plus, then when they continue to worry about it I can tell them God has it under control so we don't have to worry about it anymore.  And then I don't get nearly as frustrated.

I've started to use that now when they have other worries.  Clearly this burn concerns them so I've asked them to pray for it.  This morning as Summer was sitting on the potty trying to avoid doing what she was sitting their for she became fascinated with my boo-boo.  So, I asked her if she would pray for it.  She's 2 so I didn't know what to expect.

Oh it was such a blessing.  She folded her little hands (while on the potty), closed her eyes, and started speaking with her ever developing language skills.  Most of it I couldn't understand but I was able to pull out a few words - boo-boo, owie, Jesus and of course AAAAAMen.

That is such a reward for mie as a parent.  Her sweet heart knows to pray to Jesus to make it better for mommy and she wants to do that.  I can't understand her prayers but that doesn't matter, He does.  Such a joy teaching these kiddos to develop their own prayer life through everyday lessons like a little healing scar.

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