Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Today is a HUGE day in our family.  By that I mean kind of huge or the potential to be huge; I suppose how we'll see how it turns out.  We are meeting with Little Miss's birth parents to discuss the potential to bring Little Man home to our house when he is born vs. a private adoption they've recently been discussing.  We're extremely nervous and the day no doubt will be full of lots of emotions for me.  I want to wait to write a post about that until after the meeting happens.  Additionally, birthdad signed over rights yesterday (so I need to write a new letter), so once the judge approves she's officially free for adoption and we can start that process with her.  So much is up in the air and to be honest with myself it will be for a while.  That's ok - we've known for a while that God is working on us to give up control.

Plus, today In-N-Out is opening in Texas.  Sweet!  (Did you know they have a foundation to prevent child abuse and neglect?  Right up our alley - I didn't know till I hit the website just them even more.)

So, rather than writing a new blog post (I suppose that's what I just did) - I'm going to direct you to a guest blog I did that posted today on Wendi's Life in the....  I hope you enjoy.

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