Monday, March 21, 2011

Tuesday's Tears - A Letter to Little Miss

Dear Little Miss -

Your daddy and I love you more than we could ever express.  Every day we fall more in love with you - you capture a bit more of our heart.  We believe that God has a special plan and purpose for you little one and we hope to be the ones to raise you to become the woman He wants you to be.

Today was a big day in your life, though you don't know it yet.  Your day was average - school, play, swinging on the backyard playset, playing with your brother - yet in the background occurred something so enormous that took extreme selflessness and I'm sure, many tears.

Today your birth mother relinquished her parental rights. 

Dear one, I want you to know that despite this event you are very much wanted.  You are important.  You are loved more than I could ever write here in words.  You have a family.  You are valued.  You are beatiful and smart and worthy of love.  If I could tell you anything at this point in your life it is that you are a daughter of the King, a princess in the Kingdom of God, and that you have a divine purpose. 

Your birth mother loves you.  She has decided to give up her rights because she knows that she is not capable of giving you everything you need.  I will teach you to pray for her and talk to you about her as you get older and I hope that you get to meet her one day.  For now, I want you to know that she loves you very much and wants the best for you.  I am sure that she thinks of you every day.  I know that she didn't take this decision lightly.  I want you to know that she is doing what she thinks is best for you.  Your daddy and I will be praying for her, thanking God for her courage and strength to give you a home, safety, security, health, and everything else you deserve, which in her case took nothing less than giving up her rights to be your mommy.

We desperately hope that the best for you, God's purpose, means that you can be our daughter forever.  It is not time yet for that decision, though we know that God has had it all laid out since the beginning.  Nevertheless, as a mommy, as your mommy, I cry for your birth mom because I know what she's missing out on.  I know that she doesn't get to enjoy your hugs and open mouth sloppy kisses.  She doesn't get to hear you tell her "I love you" and she's not the one who gets to wake you up in the morning (or, more appropriately, gets to be woken up by you in the morning) and isn't the one who gets to cuddle you to sleep at night.  I pray God will take care of her.  I pray He will bring her comfort.  I pray as you get older and learn that you have another mother, one who held you in her tummy and took care of you for the first 9 months of your life, that you will be comforted and have all your questions answered.  Most importantly, I pray that you will always know your Heavenly Father, His perfect love, and how valued you are in His eyes.

Sleep well my little one.  When you wake tomorrow everything will continue to be normal for you, God willing.  And we will love you forever, no matter what happens sweet girl.


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Anonymous said...

I love that you are keeping this diary of your thoughts and emotions as they're happening right now. It's such a fantastic way for you to show her just how much she has always been loved.

Jessica Newman said...

Amazing letter! What a treasure that it will be to her.

Penelope said...

What a beautiful sentiment for her! I just might do the same next week if the birth fathers rights are terminated. What a blessed child!