Monday, May 09, 2011

Say What ?!? Sunday - Mother's Day vs. "Son-day"

Oh - you just gotta love our son.  He definitely keeps us smiling.  I wish I could convey to you all of the non-verbals through blog posts.  You'll have to just imagine the matter-of-fact, 25-year-old-in-a-4-year-old's-body speech.

Speech 1  - Returning from our marriage retreat this weekend.

"Mom - I'm thinking that you're different.  You're not really different, but my brain is thinking you are my different mom."

Speech 2 - If mommy and daddy get a date...

L:"Ok, I'll go to Auntie K's while you have a mommy/daddy date.  But as soon as you get back, well, not tomorrow but on the next day, then it's time for mommy/Logan date and then daddy/Logan date."
Mie: "That's sounds fine Logan, but maybe we'll have to wait a little bit, not the day we come back".
L: "Ok mommy.  Because after it's mommy and daddy's turn, then it's mommy and Logan's turn and then daddy and Logan's turn".

Gotta love that he wants to spend time with us.

Speech 3 - Mother's day vs. "Sun-day"

L: Mommy, since it's mother's day today son's and daddies can take care of mommies.  And then on Daddy's day son's and mommies can take care of daddies.  So, on "Son-day" mommies and daddies can take care of their kids and their sons. 

Sounds good Logie, sounds good.

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