Monday, May 16, 2011

Moolah Monday - The Cost of Grad School

Now that the final semester of coursework is over and I'm appropriately celebrating the last two undeserved A's I received, I figured I'd post a bit on the cost of going to grad school, at least that which I experienced.  Keep in mind, I worked full-time while going to grad school, so I'm not going to do any funky math taking into account opportunity lost of working or anything like that.  Sure my minor is in statistics, so theoretically I could do that, but I don't want to.  These numbers are purely based on the cost of tuition and fees.  No books, no housing, no food, statistical software, etc. 

Masters Degree: $9767.94
                $271.33 per unit
               $1627.99 per semester
               $6000 education credit from employer
               Total paid by me: $3767.94 over 3 years

Ph.D.: $ 32566.37 to date
           ~$8500.00 remaining (for dissertation hours)
           $41566.37 Total
           $577.31 per unit
           $4070.79 per semester
           $9000.00 education credit from employer
           Total paid by me $23566.37 over 3 years (+$8500 remaining dissertation cost)

Total to date - $42334.31
Total to date paid by me - $30334.31 over 6 years - $5055.72 per year

Grand total (including dissertation) - $50834.31
Grand total to date paid by me - $38834.31 - $5547.76 per year (assuming I finish my dissertation in a year)

Exciting stuff huh?  Now you know.
I'm guessing the higher cost for the Ph.D. hours is based on tuition increases over time.  It's understandable that the school would raise prices over the 6 years I've been in grad school and I've heard much hoopla over it.

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