Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Working Mama Wednesday - Healthfood Super Mom

Ok - so I for sure am not the healthfood super mom.  In fact, my kids have had Chili's (pizza + sundae's), "homemade Taco Bell" (Quesadillas, the kids helped me with), and pizza for dinner the last 3 nights.  To be fair, this isn't typical and I do try to make sure my kids have consistent healthy meals but I decided Sunday night to paint my kitchen.  We finished last night as we watched the storms come through, but that time brought late night comfort popiscles to two little boys who were scared of the storms. 

The real supermom is Brit over at Living With Three Boys.  You know I love her - I've linked you all to her blog many times before.  She recently posted her recipe(s) for making smoothie pops using a Zoku popsicle maker, that makes the popsicle while you watch.  That's just supercool.  And, quite possibly a wonderful way to get my kids to eat healthier.

You see, I typically insist on healthy snacks.  Low-fat string cheese, low-sugar applesauce, and 1% sugar-free chocolate milk (ok, I'm totally lying about the sugar-free part!) is a typical night-time snack for the boys.  #7 has a really hard time with real health food - these snacks are probably the healthiest things I can get him to eat (and he doesn't get them if he doesn't eat his presumably more healthy dinner).  This is my vomiter - if I put anything green, or really any fruit or veggie or anything he doesn't want to eat on his plate during dinner (it can be a hot dog if he doesn't want to eat that at the time), he'll vomit.  And not just a little bit, but a lot.  Real vomit - all over the dinner table.  Quite (un)pleasant for the rest of us.  So I've learned some tricks but really that just prevents the vomit but doesn't mean he'll eat the health(y) food.

Before I decided to paint this weekend I decided to (and prepped for) sneaky cooking a la The Sneaky Chef and cooked and pureed more than my share of veggies and fruits.  A ton.  I had a whole mealplan about how I was going to make yummy foods with these hidden goodies.  But then the kitchen project got in the way.  (and, honestly I'm a bit nervous to be disapointed if #7 or #8 don't eat my food).  So, though I have plenty to do the recipes later this week or next (and into the next month I'm sure!), I'm thinking I can repurpose some of the purees into smoothie pops.  What do you think?  We'll see how it goes (though I'd love to win the Zoku!).

You have until noon today (5/25) to enter the contest.  Head on over to Brit's place for more info.

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