Monday, May 16, 2011

3 Years Ago - Foster Baby Arrives! Then Adopted!

You all know I'm passionate about Foster Care. Because I've been so busy with school and work (and 4 kids) I haven't yet joined a foster parent association or otherwise spent much time with the general foster care community in real life. (Of course, I have an unusually high number of real-life friends who have a foster or adoption story of their own though we're all connected for reasons other than how our kids joined our family...God-ordained...lucky me!). I've been really blessed to put my baby pinky toe into the online world of foster mamas, and today I am sharing the great story of miss Penny over at To learn how their kiddos entered their world, click the link below:

3 Years Ago - Foster Baby Arrives! Then Adopted!

I'm so grateful there are folks out there who care for the children who need a safe home where they can thrive.

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Penelope said...

Thanks for sharing our story and getting the word out about foster care adoption.