Monday, May 23, 2011

Say What (?!?) Sunday - Sunday, Son-day, Sundae - Monday?

Sunday is such a fun word.  I bet it throws poor linguistically challenged (e.g., those still learning words) right through a loop.  So we get a lot of play-on-words that are completely unintended by our kiddos that leave us with pure delight.

I already told you about our son Logie's insistance that we treat him know there's mom's day (mother's day), dad's day (father's day) and son's day (Sunday).  Lucky for him he gets to be celebrated weekly!  And us poor daughters....

Then of course there is the utter confusion when we ask our kids if they would like a sundae after dinner...when it's on Sunday I bet that just makes it even worse.  It doesn't help when I ask the waiter to bring us sundae's and he too says "what's that" a nationally recognized family-friendly restaurant.  Seriously dude...I already have to explain the various combos of sunday to 4 kids - you're at least 20...(and yet, I did explain it to him.  Turns out it's not on the menu even though we always ask for it.  I was shocked!).

And then there's our little boy B (kiddo #7 if you're following our kiddos. We'll call him Benjie, because for some reason his school teacher calls him that and we haven't figured out why.  He responds (and all his stuff is labeled that at school) we'll run with it even though that isn't his name.  Suitable anonymous nickname for the website.

Mie: "Benjie - if you obey the rules without throwing up at dinner then you can have a sundae.  Would you like the sundae?".
Mie: "Benie - it's called a sundae"

Alright dude...monday will be here tomorrow and your sundae will arrive as soon as the waiter figures out what that is.  Thanks for not vomiting on the restaurant table or on mie. 

Sometimes you pick your battles.

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