Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Working Mama Wednesday - Mama's Massage

Sharing my journey as a working mom with you, whether you're in a similar boat or not.  More for me than my audience, the intention is to share what I will be doing each week for Mie, because we all know that Moms, whether working outside the home or not, don't take nearly as good of care of ourselves and a happy mom is a happy house.  Intentionally blogging about it might make it happen regularly (and give you all ideas as well!).

In my shoes, I don't regularly get "mom-time".  Sleep still isn't Logan's forte, so even though all of our foster kids have been happy to be in bed by 7:30, primetime hours in our home aren't usually kid free.  So most nightly free-time activities aren't usually an option...I'm still in the position of trying to get a regular shower.  because I'm in school the time mie time usually is what I scrape together to do schoolwork.  I'm going to do my best to find something weekly, however small, to do something for mie.

This week I'm kicking it off big time.  For our anniversary last year my husband surprised me with two massages and gave me an honestly guilt-free choice...I could have two massages or go as a couple.  There was no hesitation for me - a date would be great!  It's been a few months since our anniversary and with work, school, and babysitting schedules we just haven't had the chance to go, until now.  Yippee!  This week we have an appointment to get our couple's massage and I'm super duper excited.  It will be a couple hours together, a small inexpensive dinner, child-free, getting a massage together.  Sounds heavinly doesn't it?

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