Sunday, January 16, 2011

Say What !?! Sunday

Having set my mind to do this segment (and, sharing that commitment with my husband), I've been more than aware of the awesome things we've heard around our home this past week.  I have 3 fun things to share actually there were 4, but after writing down the first 3 I can't think of the 4th -

  • About Marriage - We were sitting around watching tv.  A man proposed to a woman and I was telling Logan about how daddy did that once to mommy, then we got married...

    Mie - "And so we'll be husband and wife forever and ever" - in my dreamiest princess tone
    Logan - (without blinking in a most matter of fact tone) - "Well, what about when you're dead".
    I strongly resisted the urge to turn it into a theological lesson - some just need to wait until later even with Logan.
  • About Rappers - We were driving from preschool to daycare to pick up the babies.
    L: "Mom...Mrs. (teacher's name) said her nephew listens to rap music"
    Mie: "Oh really?" doing the I'm a totally interested mom thingL:  "Yes, but I don't like rappers"
    Mie: "Really?  Why?"
    L:  "Because they are angry chefs".
    Mie: happy the van has us so far apart so he can't see me chuckle "Angry chefs?  Like mad people who cook?"
    L:  "Yep"
    Mie: "Well, I bet some of them can cook but probably not all of them are chefs".
  • Today, at our normal after-grocery-shopping lunch, we were adding "goo-goo-gah-gah" in place of "who do you do" in the Labryinth's know the one..."Power of voodoo...who do you do..."

    L: "That's what the Indians say"
    Mie: "GooGoo Gah Gah?"
    L: "Yep, that's what the Indians say"
    Mie: "No Logan, the Indians don't say that" (honestly not sure if he's talking about Native Americans or Indians from India)
    L: "Yes mom, that's what they say in China.  I'm serious!"
Ah.  These things are never-ending.  We love it.

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