Monday, January 31, 2011

Say What ?!? Sunday

Last night my son threw a fit at bed time.  I am praying for patience to handle these situations -  not the fits per se, but the events that lead up to them.  As we prepped for bed he was told he already had his "bedtime drink" chocolate milk and so he would only get water.  I made the cup-o-water and proceeded with his bedtime gummies.  He was afforded not 1 but 2 scooby snacks and then it was up to bed. 

Mie - Here son - take your water
L- No thanks mommy
Mie - Really?  If you don't take it now you aren't going to get anything until tomorrow
L - That's ok mommy, save it for tomorrow
Mie - Ok, but you understand you won't get anything else to drink tonight.

Knowing full well that wouldn't be the last of it we went upstairs for prayers and calling daddy - then bed.

L (Suddenly wincing in pain - minor tears) - But mommy I'm so thirsty.
Mie (trying to stay calm) - I'm sorry son, you will have to wait until tomorrow to get a drink.  Remember you chose not to have anything until morning.
L - But mommy I'm SOOOOO thirsty (Now fully crying).  I can't go to sleep unless I have a drink.
Mie - I'm sorry son.  Next time you can choose to take your drink to bed with you.  For tonight if you want a drink you can get up and go to the restroom (attached to his bedroom) and get a drink from the faucet.
L - NO!  I am not going to do that and I'm not going to bed.  I'm really angry with you.
Mie - That's ok son, you can be angry with me but you cannot have anything else to drink unless you go to the restroom to get it from the faucet.
L - I am not going to do that mommy.  You just want me to be bored and stay awake all night.
  What will happen if you get my cup for me - will I get a spank?

Apparently I was amused - he told me it wasn't funny.  How that had anything to do with the conversation I still don't know.  He said some mean things so I left the room and went downstairs.  I knew it wasn't over, so I grabbed my cup, heard him open his door, and marched upstairs in my "angriest" controlled march -

Mie - Logan, I am very angry with you right now.  Here, you may take one sip of my drink and then go back to your bed.
L - I can't just have one little drink I need a lot of drinks to go to bed
Mie - Well, son, if you want more you can go to the restroom and get a drink if you want.

I'll spare you the rest of the conversation - we went a few more rounds before he calmed down enough to go to sleep. Before I left the room he said -

Mommy - I feel so sorry for myself that I made you so angry with me.

I told him I forgave him - gave him a hug - and left him to go to sleep.  Which he did - 40 minutes after we started.

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