Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Did I ever tell you about the time I was almost arrested?

I just found this post that I started Dec 09/Jan 10...don't know why I didn't post it. - Enjoy!

And from the vault of "what we don't know about Auntie Mie" I thought I'd share with you a little known fact. I'd hope that it would be surprising, but I just rethought that and maybe it's not to some folks? I was out with some girl friends last week and somehow this came up. Actually the topic was who had been in the back of a cop car. On that note I was the obvious choice until one of the friends told us of the time she was arrested for prostitution...at work...driving a school bus...because her best friend used her id. Nice. But, when I explained my adventure had nothing to do with my husband, it did shock my friends. Hmmm...let's see.

So, I've always been a "good girl". Don't get me wrong I've done lots of stupid things in life and made dumb decisions like everyone else, but I haven't come close to any obviously arrestable offenses (I say it that way only because I know now that there are SO many arrestable offenses that I'd find it hard to believe that cops couldn't have arrested me for something at one point or another in life based on one of those little loophole things). Time numero uno happened at a point in my life where I was attending the small private Christian university, "dating" a guy that abused me, working full-time, still a good girl. The thing was though, that working full-time meant I was out at late hours...sometimes 3 or 4 am because I would close the place and that was social time. Super Loser Family didn't like me so we never went there, particularly in the early morning hours so we'd find random places to hang out. One night we had stopped on a street nearby in a residential neighborhood, not hurting anybody (or doing anything wrong). We were parked on a cul-de-sac that overlooked a cliff...I was in the driver seat. All of a sudden coming straight at me at a speed I couldn't tell was two bright lights. Obviously a car.

Now, we were in a very good neighborhood, but it was sometime in the wee hours of the night. The good girl that I was, I was street-smart enough to know that this car was nothing but trouble for us. My nightmare flashing before my eyes was that it was someone who was going to get their kicks from pushing us off the cliff by running head-first into my door. Thankfully, instead, the car slowed down...and the blue & red lights came on. Now I was safe and figured it was no big deal. I have nothing to hide...not doing anything wrong.

The officer apparently didn't believe me when I told him everything was fine. He asked me about 100 times if the guy I was with was hurting me and another 100 times if he was on drugs. It makes me laugh...in hindsight I should have said yes, which would have been a lie at that point, and given him a good lesson in life...but in reality I told the truth (I was good remember!) and he pulled us both out of the car. I was fortunate enough to get to sit in the back of the car while Loser was questioned, in depth. I was asked if he could search my car...I had nothing to hide so I consented...and of course he found some electronic/computer thing (it was a zip drive, but it was out of the computer in Loser's bag and didn't look like it belonged there). I was asked about it several times...where it came from, etc...I dont remember now what made him believe us that it was rightfully owned, which it was, but eventually he let us both go.

I remember going home and telling my parents, my dad in particular, this really funny story. We got in one of the biggest fights in our life and hurtful things were said (i'm sure on both parts). We eventually got through it and at some point I was let free of Loser. Thank God.

You see though...I thought (and to this day think) that the whole thing was funny. It was funny because I have no fear of the police. (especially now). I actually have no fear of the law. Maybe I should, but I don't. I kept thinking how funny it was when I was in the backseat, not having any fear about what he'd find in my car...that this was one of only a few times ever I'd get to have that experience.

And I learned a few things...

-Apparently right where we parked was a favorite party spot
-Backseats of cop cars are hard plastic-like materials, not soft and plush like most regular cars
-Hanging around with Losers, even packaged as good guys, only gets you in trouble
-Look for opportunities to teach your kids and then discipline as appropriate rather than looking for opportunities to simply discipline them otherwise you'll miss the teaching poitns
-Innocence provides a natural get out of jail free card, but looking guilty hides it in the sofa couches

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