Monday, January 31, 2011

Moolah Monday -

I previously let on to the fact that for frugal folks we eat out way too much.  This is mostly a result of our crazy schedules - my husband doesn't eat dinner with us most days out of the week so it's hard to do the whole prep-cook-clean thing by myself when he won't eat the leftovers.  So, he eats out - we eat out.  That's not always the case and for what its worth when he doesn't bring food from home he tries to eat for 1/2 price or free whenever possible.  Nevertheless we eat out at least 3-5 meals per week, each. 

One of the traditions we've had for a long-time - at least a year - has been kids eat free night at Jason's Deli.  Every Tuesday I manage to bring 3 kids in  and eat for the price of one (mie).  This has been much easier since the babies have been able to walk.  We have this routine - We get the babies in their high chairs - I roll one and L rolls the other or I do both - we head to the counter to order (reduced portion Plain Jane potato with a side salad, a drink, and 2 kids cheese pizzas) which I do while L picks up drinks for the kids, then he and I together push the babies to a seat, with many stares in the middle.  We get situated, I get asked if they are twins a couple times, I get my salad while constantly watching the kiddos and staying as close to arms reach as I can while visiting the salad bar, and then, as soon as I sit down the buzzer goes off.  I walk over to the food area, look at the server to grab my plate and when I turn around there is L standing there, with the babies by themselves at the table.  He wants to help.

Then we eat.  We have a ton of fun.  The babies split a plate and L picks the pizza he wants the most.  He supplements it with cheese and apples from the salad bar.  The babies get muffins while waiting for their food.  And, most times, they get ice cream cones (which are free).

Alas, this past week we visited and the parking lot was noticeably less busy.  Looking inside I could tell there were fewer patrons, but it was the state of the union address night - maybe folks stayed home for that?  After doing the normal order (L picked bottled apple juice for himself, chocolate milk for little boy and vanilla milk for little girl)  I noticed it was more expensive - $20 vs. the normal $12. 

Sure enough after more than a year they stopped our Tuesday Kids Eat Free night.  It was a bit of a sad night. 

So now we're on a search for a new kids eat free venue.  There are plenty of them out there...someone mentioned Chick-fil-A which made L's eyes light up.  We'll have to look into that.  Here are a few sites I'm aware of that list out kids eat free/cheap restaurants.  Hope you find something in your pocket to help you save a little dough.

And yes, L is keenly aware that we would eat at Jason's Deli because it was kids eat free night which means we "don't have to pay for the kids meals".

Dallas Child - Kids Eat Free
Kids Eat For

And if you aren't in the DFW area you're still in luck -  Choose your state and find your local deals.

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