Sunday, January 09, 2011

Say What?!? Sunday - "It's always your way..."

Kids say the craziest things and my Logan is no exception.  So, Say What?!? Sunday (or, occasionally Saturday) is an opportunity to capture those moments that might otherwise be lost forever.

Our weekly Costco trip was an interesting one.  Not only did we show up in the rain and leave in the snow, but at least half the time I spent trying to help my 4 year old calm down, primarily because he was exhausted from spending the night at his cousins' house the night before.

I don't recall what started the fit...I do believe he started the second he saw me walk in the door to pick him up from his cousins', something about wanting to finish the latest Scooby Doo...but eventually at Costco it ended up with me holding him as he shouted in my face...

"You always get your way!  I never get my way"

Aside from the obvious discipline issue, I'm still not sure if I should reward myself for mother of the year or do some research on better parenting techniques.  On one hand, way to go mommy for making it clear to your son that he has to submit to your rules.  On the other hand, surely there is a way to get him to THINK it was his way.  It really doesn't say much about my parenting techniques in the end - it was an obvious manipulation technique driven by his exhaustion.  The proof? We asked more than once what he wanted, what "his way" would be, and all he could say was that he wanted his way, and I never give him his way. 

....and after spending 2 hours building snowmen and having snowball fights, watching two Scooby Doos, and cuddling with him before bed he had another melt down saying "You never rub my back or tickle me like you do the babies maybe I would like that!"  Another hint at what is going on in his head.

And a reminder why he needs to get more sleep.

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