Saturday, January 29, 2011

Family Fun

What do YOU get when you combine a 4 year old and a giant hill?  A dizzy 4 year old.

We had so much fun this weekend as the weather was favorable here in the DFW area.  Friday and Saturday were in the 70s and we took advantage of it.  After work Friday I took the kiddos to a local playground and had at it, going on hikes, playing on the equipment, having races, etc until the sun went down, THEN we went to McDonalds to eat dinner and play on that equipment too.  Today we worked in the garden, went on a bike/trike ride, played in the backyard (and picked up lots of dog poop), then went on a nice long walk through the woods. 

As we came up to the entrance of the woods there is a large hill...little guy immediately said come on mommy - let's role down the hill - apparently this is something he does with his auntie K and cousins.  After 3-4 trips down the hill we were all laughing then continued on our walk, talking about the woods and what we saw.  What a great time of teaching and bonding - we read the signs together and talked about what they meant - like what the picture of the boy being hit in the head by the ball might mean (it's on a golf course), why we can't swim in the irrigation ponds, what irrigation is, what farmers do, how some trees become split and fall down, and many other learn-by-doing topics.  I love those moments as a mom.  It's a special time between me and my oldest booga.  I hope you all had a chance to get some good family time in this weekend with the warm weather and that you enjoy the weather change to come this week.

(the absence in texting this week was due to a broken router, which has also caused a major issue in schoolwork accomplishments or lack thereof.  Bear with me as I catch up with all e-stuff in my life!)

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