Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday's Tears - Overwhelming but Managed.

I've been a bit overwhelmed with life recently.  It hasn't been a bad overwhelmed like 2 years ago, but there is certainly a lot going on.  My hubby is feeling it too and its a great thing he and I are learning (in our 10th year of marriage) to communicate about these things now that we're home together every night.  It certainly has caused stress in our lives that we do not appreciate.

Beyond the normal stuff (work, etc.) we also have been:

  • preparing for our quarterly FAD worker visit
  • rebuilding part of our fence
  • re-landscaping the front yard
  • continuing to potty train Summer, who is a classic example of the terrible 2s
  • preparing for Logan's Kindergarten graduation
  • preparing for my new job & exiting my old one
  • collecting data for my dissertation pilot
  • leading a small group at our church
  • coaching & attending t-ball functions including a 2-hour game this past weekend and the world series this week and weekend
  • catching up on housework that was left undone while I did comps & proposal preparation
In the past 2 weeks I've also had to clean the carpets upstairs 4 times.  One of my kiddos has been suddenly having trouble not wetting the bed at night, something we haven't had trouble with until recently and it seems as if she's getting up to go on the carpet and then getting back into bed (which, by the way, means that both the carpet and the bed are soaked in the morning).  Last night was no exception.

One of our dogs is getting older and it seems is preferring to do his business, usually in the liquidy solid form, in the upstairs playroom.  (Thankfully we've managed to keep the toys picked up in there).  

Last weekend miss Summer decided she wanted to poop in the potty in the 6am hour.  #9 wanted to help her. Why Summer doesn't want to go with mie but she will go with #9 is beyond mie.  It was everywhere when I got up there (including in the potty, for which I was proud).  I won't go into the toilet paper.

(It was everywhere too.  As was the money from Logan's wallet).

Apparently it's time to get a door chime for the girl's room - the boys already have one.

So tonight I have to get home early for the home visit, do the normal night routine with feeding and baths and such, wash and dry the sheets, sanitize the beds, clean the carpet in the bedroom, and try to have some fun with the kiddos.  I'm really hoping the dogs don't decide today would be a good day to use the restroom inside (really, this hasn't been a problem until recently).  Oh, and a friend has asked that I help her decorate some mini cakes because I have cake decorating skills.  I'll have to fit that in somewhere.

Did I mention that my hubby and I also started a fitness contest last weekend?  So we're also trying to eat healthier and exercise a little each day.

We love our life but sometimes its a lot to manage and there isn't much flexibility for "extras".  We try to plan fun time with the family and friends regularly, consider some of the things that could go wrong (like dog poop) when we plan our days, and attempt to go with the flow, but the reality is living the life we do doesn't allow for too many extras.  

Did I mention we got a letter in the mail saying that our regional child care licensing folks are now going to do real, honest-to-goodness unannounced visits just for the fun of it?  No?  Yes well there's that too.


Anonymous said...

hey xoxo
wow you've had a lot on your plate recently (and thats not just food, ya big whale!) lay off the pies and when you do check out my blog..its a fattie's dream.
jk jk, im only joking, i am a big fan of your blog, and if you comment on mine or even follow me i'd be forever grateful! <3

Mie said...

Dear anonymous - I can't follow your blog unless you tell mie who you are. My mind reading skills were pushed out of my brain as I piled all of this other stuff to remember in - that and the pies.