Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday’s Tears – Death and Destruction in the News

Occasionally I will take a few minutes to myself as I eat lunch to check news online.  I’ll do this in a way that favors mass consumption – I typically click one interesting article and then another and another and another – reading 8-10 articles in a sitting.  Usually I quit not because there’s not more news out there but because I’m feeling so gross after having that much contact with the outside world.

I hardly live in a bubble.  With all the things I “do” I come in contact with the “outside world” fairly frequently.  Add in my husband’s work stories and communication with people related to the world of foster care and I get plenty of external influences.  That being said I do tend to be sheltered a bit.  I listen to a Christian rock radio station most frequently (www.897powerfm.com – streaming on the web if you’re interested) and I have very little time for other socializing besides a handful of church activities and family commitments.  I typically turn on the news in the morning or night but I’m usually doing other things so I tune out the majority of what’s on – I’m usually waiting for the weather report.  I try not to ignore the needs of this world but I also try not to get wrapped up into the drama of the latest celebrity gossip and other pointless “entertainment”.  

I also try to keep my kids protected from certain things that blare out there in the media.  (Can I get an Amen?)

These little binge sessions on real-life news stories keep mie grounded in how bad this world really is sometimes.  Yesterday I read about a newborn found in a freezer, a mother convicted of raping her infant daughter, a boy who killed his sister while in foster care, a boy who killed his caregivers, and many, many others.

It makes my heart heavy.  My family lives a life dedicated to helping others.  We’re not perfect but we’re actively trying to love and help.  It is so hard for mie to understand how such evil exists and how the world seems to reject the idea of good and evil. I heard a report the other day about how some individuals lack the moral center of the brain (physically) and therefore can’t be held accountable for their murderous (etc.) acts because they can’t control themselves – the reporter was inherently advocating we accept the behavior and not punish or try to control it because the perpetrators can’t help themselves – and it was clear that this world is leaning more and more at accepting evil as normal rather than fighting against it.

I don’t advocate burying my head in the sand but I do know my limits.  It is good to stay grounded in reality but I choose to spend the majority of my “mie” time on more positive activities.  I read your blogs – I see the good you are doing and it encourages mie.  I do good things.  I pray.  I love – at least I sure try!  I’m convinced that despite the evil that has somehow veiled itself in this world we can make a difference as we continue to actively love each other.  

I pray for those who are struggling after the events described in those stories.  I pray Christ comforts them and others who are hurting.  I pray they are drawn closer to Christ through these experiences and that those who are faced with administering justice are given wisdom to handle the situations correctly, whatever that may be.

We can make a difference.  We can be a light to the dark world.  Thank you for sharing your light with mie.

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Kim said...

Ugh! I need a shower after reading those articles :-( I guess I should be glad that I usually can't even hear the news when it's on.