Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Cuteness

It's things like this that make mie happy (and little concerned):

 Yesterday I spent the day with my Logie and his kindergarten class at a ranch in Northeast Texas.  We've been there before but it's usually for Thanksgiving and so the weather is much cooler.  This time we were able to go swimming, have a nice picnic, and the kids were able to play around in the open space.  My son chose to ride next to mie on the bus and I just soaked up all the love he was giving mie - I know as he gets older that might not be so common.

I had to jump in the pool to save his best friend from being forcibly drowned.  I am a natural swimmer, former lifeguard, and former swim instructor and so have begun teaching water safety & swimming skills to all of my kiddos since they were infants or at least as long as I've had them.  Logan knows the basics but also knows he can rely on mommy to hold onto if he gets tired.  I allowed Logan to go in the deep end with his friend despite the teaching aid asking him to stay in the shallow end.  I was planning to go in with him but it was a bit cold so I sat at the edge for a few minutes waiting until Logan asked mie to come in.  As it turns out I went in earlier than expected.  Logan and his friend started swimming across the pool - Logan slightly behind his friend - and Logie received a gush of water to the face due to his friend's kicking.  Logan responded by grabbing onto his friend to catch his breath.  Mommy could handle that - the friend obviously could not and ended up being held under water.  I was watching carefully so it didn't last long - I realized what was going on and dove in to help them both before the lifeguard and monitor even knew what was going on.  They were both fine - I'm sure it scared them both a little - but they were both able to move on and keep playing.

I told my son that when he comes back in the summer with his summer program he is not allowed to swim in the deep end since mommy won't be there.  I suspect there will be more kiddos in the pool and I didn't like the reaction time of the lifeguards - they were the only two kids in the whole deep end so they should have reacted quicker and I speak from experience as a guard.  I can't control whether or not he stays in the shallow end or not when I'm not there but hopefully my instruction will keep him from getting in too deep without mie there to save him.  By the end of the summer with more work he'll be able to swim just fine, but being that it's the beginning of the season I don't want to chance it.

Back to the letter above - a preschooler had given this card (It had a lot more decoration inside - this is just the front cover) to Logie's teacher and asked her to give it to him so when we arrived to go on the trip she did just that.  Logie was embarrassed and I probably didn't help that much when I took a picture of it and sent it to his dad and then insisted he put it in his cubbie.  When we came back at the end of the day and were gathering our things the card had disappeared and I later found it in the trash.  I dug it out though and promised Logan I wouldn't embarrass him any more with it.

Every girl is in love with Logan.  I can't tell you how many of their parents have told mie their daughters have come home to tell them that they were going to marry Logan.  I even went to a birthday party once and the kiddos grandparents said "so this is the infamous Logan".  Wow.  It's really cute at this age but at the same time it makes mie wonder where on Earth they come up with this stuff!

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