Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dissertation Research Request - Please Take This Survey w/ chance to win an iTunes gift card.

Hi Everyone - I'm in a bind and since I get 150-ish readers a day I thought I'd reach out to you all to get your responses quickly.  I have a much more interesting post for today here, but before you go check that out, please see my normal request below...


I am asking for your participation in completing a 5-10 minute survey that will be used as part of my doctoral dissertation research project. The purpose of this phase of the study is to evaluate the instrument itself and your results will only be used for that purpose. This study begins today and I am providing the link below. I need about 55 participants in the next 2 days so your prompt participation is very much appreciated.

After you have completed the survey you will have a chance to voluntarily enter a drawing to win one of 5 iTunes gift cards. 

For more information about the study or to contact me, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and send me a message or contact me at (you all can use my normal "Contact Mie" information on my blog)

Thank you again for your participation!

Sincerely, Mie


Kaci Jo said...

I did it :)

NoMatterWhatMom said...

The link says the survey is expired, so I am assuming that you got all of the participation you needed. Happy to help if you need more--no gift card required.

Mama P said...

It said it was expired...I hope that means you got all your responses. :)

Anonymous said...

I took it for you :)
Nikki C.