Thursday, February 02, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Found!

First of all - you'll be happy to know that we cleaned up our Christmas stuff this past weekend.  We even put it all away in the attic. 

I did not find my car keys.  They weren't in the tree.  They weren't in the tree skirt.  That was the last place I could think they might have been misplaced.

Saturday morning I was getting the kids ready to go out of the house.  I was getting one kiddo ready at the bottom of the stairs while Logan was "getting dressed" upstairs.  That's what he was supposed to be doing anyway.  Instead, he comes running out and stands on the bridge at the top of the stairs excitingly screaming about what he'd found. 

That's right - after nearly a month my keys were found.  He'd found them on his dresser in his room.

He'd hidden them there.

I was so excited about having my keys back that we focused on congratulating him for finding them rather than being angry that they were hidden from us.  He did get the memo not to do that again, but in general we had a big ol' celebration.

They are now found, safe and sound.  (And I'm vindicated for blaming the kids :) )

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