Sunday, February 12, 2012

Say What (?!?) Sunday - Daddy's Job

Logan has been attaching to his dad recently.  He loves his mommy for sure and has typically leaned toward mommy most of the time, even secretly whispering in my ear most anything he wants to say before he says it to anyone else, including daddy.  He often whispers to mie - "Mommy, I still love daddy but I love you MORE".  We've worked on that.  But Logan is getting older now and NEEDS his daddy - good thing daddy's new work schedule allows for much more daddy time.  It's perfect timing to go through this change in our home if you ask mie.

One night this week Logan wanted to cuddle in bed - with daddy, not mommy.  Several times recently he's told mie not to worry, he still loves mie, but he loves his daddy more.  All of this makes my little mommy heart twinge a bit, but mostly I'm happy for the relationship that is growing between him and his dad.  I think it's great, even though part of that relationship is centered on Modern Warfare 3.  I mean boys bond differently and all right?

Back to the Say What (?!?) piece.  While we were all cuddling that night daddy had to get up and go do something.  It gave Logie and mie the opportunity to have a conversation.  We love conversations:

L: Mommy, I don't want my daddy to be a police officer.  Or a fire fighter.
Mie: Ok Logie, but why?
L: I want him to be able to cuddle with mie every night at bed time and to sleep right - here - next to me.
Mie: I see.  Well what do you want him to be instead?
L: I want him to have two jobs.  I want him to work for Coke and to work for Sprite.

You all see where this is going right?

L: That way, he could bring mie home drinks.

I didn't bother to tell him that Coke and Sprite were the same company nor did I point out that we wouldn't let him drink Coke and only would let him drink sprite on occasion.  It was a moment too cute to spoil with mommy lectures.

Alas, daddy works where he works and it is not in any way related to Coca-Cola.  Nevertheless, a kid could dream!

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