Sunday, February 05, 2012

Say What (?!?) Sunday - Only Child Schmonly Child

Logan had a few rough points this week.  He's generally sensitive.  He was tired.  It led to a few melt downs - you know, the huge sobbing kind.

One night I took him on a date.  We went to Baskin Robbins.  We both had pink lemonade ice on sugar cones - his with chocolate dip and sprinkles.  During the date we talked about how he liked going on dates, what his favorite mommy/son date is, etc.  We also talked about what he likes doing with his daddy.

Mie: We don't go on very many dates, just you and mie, any more do we?
L: No (he said casually)
Mie: Yeah, that's because we usually have the other kids with us when we go out.  Do you remember when you didn't have any brothers and sisters?
L: Yes.
Mie: Really?  Do you remember the first time we got (#1 & #2) and you went to bed one night and the next morning they were there?
L: Yes, I remember.
Mie: Would you like it to go back to having no brothers and sisters, where you are the only child?

He thinks about it for a minute.  I was afraid he would say yes.  But this is Logan we're talking about.

L: shaking his head indicating I'm crazy - No, mom, we ADOPTED Summer.  We couldn't do that.
Mie: Yes Logie, that's right....

Dear son, sometimes mommies and daddies are smarter than they seem.  We don't always ask crazy questions for no reason.  Sometimes we know that what we are asking sounds utterly ridiculous but we are curious as to how you will react. I'm sure that makes brains like yours crazy.  And it makes you think we're not so smart.  I understand this.  When you are older, I pray you have smart kids too.  Kids who give you a run for your money like you do for us.  Who else would be there to keep us on our toes?

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Their Mom said...

I take my sons on "dates" too. At first with only our birth son and then after the adoption with the others too and we have had very similar conversations. I think all kids want to be reassured from time to time of the depth of our love for them specifically, especially when they are brilliant. A mentor told me once that I was doing something right if when asked separately each of my children claimed to be my favorite. I strive for that response from my kids, but I'm not there yet.