Thursday, February 09, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Courage

Did I mention I'm so thankful for all of you?  Over the past couple weeks my subscriber list has grown by more than 20%.  Too cool.

Yesterday Tuesday I told you about how foster care (and adoption for that matter) always involve some sort of loss and how that loss has affected our family over the past couple years.  I'd say that for us the overall sense of loss hasn't been devastating but it is there.

I also told you about how I wanted to contact #7 & #8's birthmom so that we could get the kids together but that I thought that wouldn't go well, that she'd ignore mie like she did when I asked for her kids' social security numbers.

Well yesterday I mustered up the courage to contact her.  I asked how things were going, asked her if she'd like to meet up so the kids could play, and told her that I had a few things for her that the kids had left at our house before they left, including #7's beanie that my mom made him that was really important to him at the time (because she had also made Logan one and my mom went out of her way to make #7 one to match, except in his favorite color).  Logan has been very concerned that #7 doesn't have his beanie and keeps telling us we need to give it to him.

She replied right away.

She thought we were sweet.  She suggested that instead of mie mailing the stuff we get together and Logan could give #7 the beanie himself.  She said that they still talk about us all the time and would love for us to get the kids together to play.

I'm so glad I had the courage to try.

We haven't found a time yet where we can pull it off but by golly I'm going to keep trying.

She also told mie that they now have a peanut butter spoon everyday.  They told her that I made them as a snack and that they missed those yummy peanut butter spoons and she decided to start giving them one.

I tell you, this is why it is all worth it.  I can't control whether or not those kids will have the best life ever with their birth parents or if they'll ever come back into care.  I can't control whether or not we will ever see them.  But as with foster care I can do my part and am rewarded in many ways - like knowing that there are two kids out there who will forever like peanut butter spoons and will remember that they used to get them at our house and now their mommy can give them a favorite treat.

How cool is that.

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That is VERY cool!