Monday, February 13, 2012


I have been sick friends.

For the past 5 days I've had the cold that won't quit.  I received this blessing of a cold from Summer Rose who also is sick.  Of course she's not the only one, but she has it the worst.  In fact, this cold has blessed her with an ear infection too.

As usual, a mom with 4 young kids can't quit either.  Especially when her husband works a crazy schedule and can't easily (or even with moderate difficulty) assume extra parenting duties while mommy rests.

That is, unless her husband comes down with a stomach bug.  Said stomach bug has been shared by daddy, Logan, Summer, and #10.

#9 appears to be the healthiest, though her eye yesterday was showing signs of pink.  I was hoping that it was out of tiredness because the night before she had gotten less sleep than usual.  So far I think I am right.  I'm hoping.

So, daddy took the weekend off.  This helped mommy to get not one but TWO long naps this weekend.  That seemed to do the trick.

I'm not yet healthy but I'm sure trying to get there.

This means that all my Valentine's day preparations have been pushed off to tonight when I get home from work.  How exciting.

No really, it is exciting.  I have 40 valentines for kids + the 8 Logan will do + the at least 8 teacher valentines + the 2 for Logan & Summer (they do something special at school) to fill out.  I also have 30 more bags of valentine's confetti to make - I did manage to make 10 bags yesterday and it came out fabulous though word to the wise - add the M&Ms in AFTER the chocolate is hardened.  I also have to make/put together the stuff for my kiddos that we will give them tomorrow morning.  That should be fun.

And, maybe I should do something for my husband.  I'll have to think about that - the what, not the "maybe I should".

Though he is on his way now to come pick mie up from work to take mie to lunch.  This is going to be our V-day time out together since our children have activities tomorrow night that will keep us from going out.  And seriously - though we love each other greatly we're not really into this whole going out on V-Day thing.

We'd rather celebrate our love daily.  Or, at least a few times a week.

Especially when we get the chance to hang out together all weekend.

Even if one of us has a cold that won't quit and the other is valiantly fighting a stomach bug.

Though it would be nice to pass off the kids to a babysitter for a few hours.  Diaper blowouts and all.

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