Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Working Mama Wednesday - Things I'm looking forward to...

School is almost out.  3 or 4 more weeks.  1 more homework assignment (due tomorrow, I haven't started!).  1 more final paper.  1 more final exam. 

Then I'll be done with coursework. Not done completely yet - I'll still have to do my comprehensive exams and propose my dissertation in the fall and then complete my dissertation in the first half of 2012.  But I'll be done with coursework.

I've been in grad school for 7 years getting a masters degree and now a Ph.D.  I really can't believe I'm almost done.  Being almost done and having a wonderful family that I'm passionate about gives me senioritis big time.  If I can just hang in there a little bit longer I'll be done.  Really!  And getting closer gives me dreams of all the things I look forward to in just a few weeks.  The list is probably MUCH different than most college kids finishing up their final coursework, but honestly it looks very similar to when I graduated with the undergrad degree many moons ago.
  • Catch up with all the laundry - all washed, dried, put away, hung up, and ironed if needed.  Maybe even if not needed.
  • Scrub and sanitize the bathrooms.  Heck, every room
  • Clean the carpets
  • Vacuum the stairs
  • Catch up on couponing
  • Paint the inside of my house
  • Catch up with scrapbooking (I'm 4 years behind - and my son is 4...)
  • Do some gardening - set up where I want to have my flower gardens and vegetable gardens in the future
  • Setup my home office (right now its a catch all)
  • Spend super time with my kiddos, with lots of crafts, baking, and reading books.  I'd also like to figure out how to regularly get my kiddos to the pool, which I couldn't do by myself per state regulations but I wouldn't even try - that's a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Mop the floor.  Maybe even everyday.
  • Work on a project with my husband.
  • Take a shower every day. 
  • Get in shape physically.  I want to try to shoot to run the half-marathon at a Dallas area lake with a fellow foster/adopt parent who does it as a fundraiser (or, at least on behalf of what she's doing).  This would be no small feat as the farthest I've ever run was a mile and that was a very big stretch for me.  So, I'll settle at first for walking more with my kids.
  • Get my craft room organized.
  • Sleep more.
  • Get ready for baby.
So, there you have it.  This is by no means final, but it shows you how desperate I am for a break.  Really, I'm terribly excited about doing my laundry.

Anything but the homework due tomorrow night that I better stop avoiding or I'll never make it to the glory days of scrubbing toilets.

Until tomorrow...(hopefully after I finish the homework assignment).


Dana Beam said...

Have fun with all your extra time :)

And side note, what is the pool regulation for Texas that makes you unable to take the kids?

Mandi said...

I'm so excited for you to be finishing up! I know you've worked so hard.

If you're looking to work out anyway, you might try to find a gym with a good kids pool. 24 Hour usually has a decent one. You could drop the little one(s) off at the childcare while you swim with the other(s) and then switch the next time or halfway through. Just an idea!

Mie said...

Great Question Dana! It took me a minute to figure out what you were asking about (It's been a long day!).

In bodies of water over 2 inches deep, children between the ages of 0-6 or who don't know how to swim well must be in an approved life jacket. That's not the reason I can't take them, but I point it out anyway because it annoys me as a former swim instructor.

The real rule is that you must have a 1:1 adult to child ratio for foster kiddos in bodies of water over 2 inches. I don't remember if that too is just for kiddos under six or all foster kiddos, but since all mine are under 6 it doesn't really matter.

I think I could take 2 kids - Logan and another foster child by myself legally. Theoretically I could let my own son go swimming by himself if I wished as long as he was safe (I wouldn't do that) so, he wouldn't apply to the 1:1 ratio thing, but nevertheless I know 1:4 wouldn't be allowed!!!

Mie said...

Oops - just kidding. It's not 2 inches - that's the age old adage about how much it takes to drown. I believe it's 6 I could go to the baby pools or the splash park, but I can't keep track of 4 kiddos in our baby pools because they are attached to the big pools and inevitably the kids will go in different directions and I wouldn't be able to "save" all at once.

Mie said...

Great Idea Mandi! I miss having you close by...