Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Working Mama Wednesday - Spring what?

Everyone who's anyone is out celebrating spring break this week, which works out really well for me.  I've been able to leave the house after 7 every morning and get to work just after 8, and that includes stopping at 2 daycares.  No school zones to worry about.  Very little traffic.  It's been bliss and super unstressful.

I had been planning on working from home tomorrow so that I could leave and have a meeting with my professor on campus in the late afternoon, before my class.  So I booked all my phone appointments and scheduled everything so that I could work at home easily and get done early.  Of course, then I realized school is closed and after calling my professor on his cell phone discovered he was out of state on spring break and therefore I just bought myself some extra family time.  YIPPEE!

Even though I have kids and go to school myself full-time, spring break just isn't all that impactful to us.  Not yet anyway!

I wonder what you all are doing for your spring breaks...

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