Sunday, March 20, 2011

Say What (?!?) Sunday - How Brother Feels About Sister

Friday we sent our most recent sibling group to their new home - a new foster family.  Little Logan was a part of the send-off, after which we went straight to school.  On the way I was asking him about how he was feeling.

Mie: L, how are you feeling after your sisters went home?  Are you feeling mad, sad, happy...
L: I'm feeling a little sad but really happy?
Mie: Really?  Why are you feeling happy?
L: Because now it can be just our family again.
Mie: I see
L: Except Sophia.  She's not really part of our family.  But Mom, maybe we can pretend she's really part of our family.  Pretend mommy, we can pretend.

I smiled in my driver's seat.  I love it when he shares his perspective on things with me.

At some point this weekend we were getting ready to head out shopping.  As I was changing little miss I was chatting with Logie like I usually do.  I try to casually chat with him about more serious things (along with more casual things) throughout the day rather than "sitting down to talk" when a serious topic comes up. 

Mie: So, Logie - We've had so much fun this weekend with just you and mie and daddy and (little miss).  Do you like having 2 kids or do you want to have more? 
L: I want to have more.  I want to have 4.
Mie:  Really?
L: Yes.  I want 4 kids all 4 years old.
Mie: Well how are we going to do that?  (Little Miss) isn't 4, so how do we handle that?
L: We can just sell her and make room to get another one that's 4.

I assure you we had a serious conversation after that about how we don't sell people and we certainly wouldn't get rid of Little Miss like that.  We talked about how we're the only family she knows and how sad that would make us all.  But again, his perspective was kind of funny.  I suppose in that 5 of the 6 kids he's had as siblings left at some point, it seems reasonable that none are permanent and can be exchanged at our leisure.

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