Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Super Blessed

Wow - the last two days have been nuts for us in totally good ways.  We've been asked to adopt our little one - and her unborn sibling, we've been asked to also consider adopting a different sibling group we considered at the end of last year, and we just accepted a new placement of two little girls.  The life we lead is crazy.

Here's how it is going to work - we'll keep the kiddos we have for now, we'll continue managing our current case moving toward adoption and, preferably adoption of that unborn sibling (but that would be, well, a pregnancy length away), and in the meantime be considered for the straight adoption.  One scenario could be that we all agree to adopt the sibling group that we're being considered for (a 3 yo and a 2 yo), in the meantime the foster placement we just accepted would go home or to a kinship placement, and then a few months later we bring home the newborn and finalize adoption of our little girl and her sibling.

In any case - we have the serious possibility of adopting 4 kiddos before the end of the year.

Earlier this week I posted on Facebook about how hard this year would be, or could be, as our little Logie approaches 5 and we don't have any more biological children.  I'm guessing that if we did end up facing the situation I described above that I won't be worrying about that much.

I'm so super thankful for all of it.  Most importantly, I'm thankful that we have a faith that has brought us through some really hard times in terms of infertility and all of the tradgedy we faced in 2011.  I'm thankful we have a God who knows better than we ever could and guides our steps, and that He has trusted us with just a little bit of His plan. 

On top of it all, I was given a new position today with another pay raise that is nothing to sneeze at.  In a bad economy, on a bad performance appraisal.  There's no reason we "deserve" this more than anyone else - we are just a funnel God is using to care for his sheep and he is providing for all of us through it.

And I'm super thankful this Thursday.


Raina said...

Wow! Praise God for all the possibilities! I know He is working His best for your family, and I pray that you'll see it abundantly this year!

Mandi said...

Woo-hoo!! God knows what you need before you even ask, no? I'm praying for your sweet family and can't wait to see how it all works out!

Dana Beam said...

Wow!!! God is soooo good! I can't to hear all the future updates!!! :)