Sunday, March 13, 2011

Say What (?!?) Sunday - I Will Miss You Mommy

At his cousins house recently, Logie's cousins were trying to get him to spend the night.  They had asked me when he wasn't around but then in the background I heard:

Cousin M: Logie, do you want to spend the night?
L: Well, uh, I'll need to ask my mom.

(I'm so proud!)

Cousin M: Don't worry, we already asked her.
L: Mommy, can I spend the night with my cousins?
Mie: Do you want to?
L: Yes
Mie: Sure Logie, that sounds fun. *HUG* Eww Logie, you need to take a shower tonight.
L: Ok mommy, I'll come home with you.

(Cousins go crazy)

Cousin A: But Log we have a bathtub!
Mie: Logie you don't have to come home, you just need to take a shower.
L: But mommy, I would miss you SOOO much and I don't like to miss you.

I talked him into sleeping over because he'd have so much fun.  And because it wasn't his turn to sleep in our bed that night.  And, because I promised that it would be a short night because there would be one less hour that night due to the time change.  It worked, and I had time to catch up on school work.

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