Monday, February 28, 2011

Moolah Monday - Not Too Proud To Beg

Freebies are the best.  I'll take almost anything that's free.  One of my favorite activities is to drive the neighborhoods on bulk trash pickup day...I have picked up 3 pieces of wood furniture to restore, 1 spiderman bicycle, a Step 2 slide, a toddler princess bed frame, and a few more things I'm sure.  Recently I picked up this load:

Don't worry, I didn't get these out of the trash - but they were to be thrown away.  At work this past week we had a national conference that I helped facilitate.  One of the presentations involved a need for rotten bananas.  In the absence of rotten bananas, we used perfectly good bananas, put them in the refrigerator for a while, then scratched the peels up and squished them a bit so they didn't look a-peel-ing (I couldn't resist).  At the end of the day we had about 100 bananas left over plus a basket full of other fruit.  Most of the people were in DFW from out of town and since the bananas were in the condition they were in they were going to be thrown away.

Not with me around!  I rescued these bananas for future use.  I filled my refrigerator fruit drawer with oranges, apples, and pears.  I gave away a ton of bananas to people I knew were going use them for baking.  Then, I came home with the ones above.  I did end up throwing the worst of the worst away.  Then I made 4 mini loafs and 1 full loaf of banana bread.  Then I bagged them in freezer bags perfect for 2 loaves of banana bread and stuck them in the freezer.  I used 4 bags - good enough for 8 loaves - which means 80 bananas. 

And to my brother-in-laws pleasure, I will use them all.

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