Saturday, February 05, 2011

Say What (?!?) Sunday - Who our kids look like

Little Logan spent the night this week at his auntie K's house.  It was a rare weekday opportunity since all kiddos were out for the snow/ice days.  She texted mie this conversation:

Auntie K - Logan who do you look like?
L - A little bit like my mommy, a little like my daddy, and a little bit like Jesus.  We all look a little like Jesus.

*I'm such a proud mommy - we talked this week about how he was made in God's image*

Apparently they were amused by his display of wisdom.  I'm guessing they were smiling a bit - probably asking him to repeat it.

L - I'm not going to say it anymore.  It's someone else's job to talk about Jesus now.

He does get embarrassed easy.

How awesome is that?  I did reassure her that as super cool as my kiddo seems, he also tells me frequently that I'm a "boring bully" - so it all evens out.

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