Sunday, February 20, 2011

Say What ?!? Sunday - Boogers and Poop

I've had a hard time finding a precious quote this week.  Not because there weren't enough to choose from but quite the opposite - which one of the adorable things could I share.  To my wonder, as I was considreing this tonight, my son blessed us all with this charming gem.

L: Mom - have you ever tasted a booger?  Do you know what it tastes like?
M: I mostly gave him a puzzled look. No Logie - I don't eat my boogers.
L: Well - have you ever gone to the bathroom?
M: Really curious now, as he knows without a doubt I have.
L: Yeah, have you ever gone to the bathroom and got it on your hands?  Got poop on your hands?  Well, that's what boogers taste like, getting poop on your hands.

He had just gone to the bathroom and gotten some on his hands.  I didn't push for more information on his simile. 

M: Logie did you wash your hands with soap and water before you were done?

He did.  Thankfully.  And we'll never know why poop on your hands tastes like boogers.

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