Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Out Sick - Be Back Soon

The flu (or fleu as my dear husband spells it) has hit our home.  Thankfully, the kids had the flu shot or flu mist this year, but we chose not to participate in these particular vaccinations.  Avoiding the flu shot is normal for us and typically it works out.  However, this year it caught us.  J brought it home from work and, due to the weather incarceration last week it spread.  Even though the kiddos didn't get the flu they got a strange 36 hour bug (big kid avoided it too!).  I thought I avoided that bug...Thought daddy caught it but would get over it.  Monday started with vomiting (him) and ickiness (me) - doctor confirmed the flu.  So, we're out of commission for a few days.  Hopefully I'll be back to explain why we missed the last Foster Parent Friday and share a new one this week.  Maybe more.  We'll see how quickly we catch up on our normal life after being out for a week.

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Raina said...

Hope you guys recover quickly! It's so hard being a sick parent!

BTW, until reading your recent entries, I had no idea so much was going with you guys last year. I won't pretend to know why God lets us go through some of the things we do, but I want you to know how much I admire your strength and faith through such rocky times. You provide such a wonderful example to those around you, and I pray that your 2011 will be abundantly FULL of blessings!