Thursday, May 02, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Random Things I'm Grateful For...

I was REALLY hoping today I'd be able to share with you that we got the call for the siblings to come or that our license had been extended so they can come or something equally as large and powerful that I've been waiting for.  Instead, you (and I) will have to settle for this list of random things I'm thankful for.

  • Salvation - I made the mistake choice of starting a spiritual conversation with my son last night after he prayed at bedtime - note that it must be late.  Part of his prayer was well-intended but signified a common hard-to-fathom spiritual truth, namely the concept of grace for "bad people".  So - I led a discussion about how grace is free and no one, not even us, deserves it and the wages of sin is death.  I did it in an age appropriate way but nevertheless my 6 year old wouldn't go to sleep and eventually broke down that he was scared and not just regular scared but scared to go to hell.  This led to another spiritual conversation, more tears, some hugs, and finally reassurance that our price has been paid.  AMEN.
  • My hubby - Though the stupid web game he's hooked on drives me nuts, I've been very impressed with my hubby lately in prioritizing the important things - like finishing the backyard fence and helping me with the kids during hospital week last week.  I love that man.
  • Marie Calendar's Dutch Apple Pie & Breyers natural vanilla ice cream makes the world a better place at the end of a long day.
  • Good friends - including all of you - I'm so grateful I know the people out there who will support mie with words of encouragement and even correction in love when I need it, like when the baseball coach ...well you get the drift.  What's that?  I need to forgive and move on...ok - thanks for the correction again.
  • Dallas area Children's Medical Center - who cared for all of us while baby baby was sick and gave my kiddos unlimited popsicles with the option for sugar-free.  Because there's only so many popsicles a child should have in a day but that changes when they're in the hospital.  Right?
  • My accidental haircut - the haircut itself was not accidental but the way it was cut was.  I went in to cut layers into my hair one night when I was tired of the way it was laying and accidentally cut one part of the layer on one side way to short with little room for correction.  I did what I could.  The next day (and since) I've had so many complements on my hair.  Many people thought I colored it.  I did not.  I was just a bit too snip happy and apparently it worked in my favor.
  • Perennial Flowers in my front yard - last year we planted them.  I didn't take great care of them during the winter freezes and worried I'd lost them.  They have all bloomed BEAUTIFULLY this spring.  I'm amazed.
  • My son's good report card - he did awesome! Finally tested more accurately for his reading level at 2.5-3.5 grade (he's in K) and met his reading goal at 177%.  Way to go buddy!
  • Infertility - I missed the opportunity to post during National Infertility Awareness Week, unfortunately, but I'm so grateful for our journey through infertility.  If you're walking that way be encouraged - I hope you find solace and resolution soon so that one day you too can be grateful for that journey.
  • Our new temporary FAD worker (our caseworker) - she's awesome!  I really appreciate her.  I haven't heard from her yet (should have yesterday) but every time I talk to her I leave the conversation content and impressed with her devotion to what she does.  
  • The greek restaurant near work - I've had the Salmon Pita 2x this week.  Tough on the wallet and probably on my weight loss desires but man is it good.  Yum!

Have a great day everyone...maybe I'll have great news tomorrow.  Maybe...

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