Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: Banding Together to Support One of Our Own

*Edited - if you already read this blog, read again...*

Many of you have commented on this blog about how "amazing" our family is for doing what we do.  You've complimented mie on being a great mom.  You've shared your condolences when we have lost celebrated the return of each of our foster kids over the past 3 years.  Some of you cried along with mie when Summer's brother was born and subsequently adopted to another family 1500 miles away because you'd been on the journey with us the whole time.  Most of you are as exasperated as I have been waiting for baby baby's siblings to join our family for the past (nearly) 5 months.

Can I tell you something?  First, we're not amazing.  Second, the ONLY way we can walk this walk is through God's help and the support we're provided by all of our supporters.  I'm not being trite.  It's absolute truth and I'm completely grateful for it.

How many times have you sat back and thought gosh...I wish I could do something, but A) I didn't tell you how you could help and B) sometimes it seems impossible? 

I am now begging you to help one of our own.

Cherubmamma needs our help. 

If you haven't already, go read her blog.  Seriously she's been such a great support to those of us in this little community we have.  Her stories, willingness to share, and words of encouragement over the past couple years have meant the world to mie. 

I've been following her story for a while and now's the time to reach out and support her back.  If you're not familiar, she has two foster cherubs right now who've been with her for a long-time, longer than foster children are "supposed" to be in care.  They still don't have permanency.  The plan being pushed down everyone's throat does not appear to be in the best interest of the children.  It seems by all accounts these children want to stay and would be best with the only family they've really known for a LONG time.  Our God has opened the door (and their hearts) for these children to stay IF cherubmamma and her family are able to intervene.  In case you're not aware, legal intervention involves hiring your own attorney at your own expense (15-20K).  It is really expensive.  In our state, only about $1500 per child would be recuperated through the foster care system.  This is a huge burden to most people, certainly Cherubmamma and her family who had not been preparing to go down this road.

Here's how you can help:
  • Pray.  Pray for wisdom, for favor with the courts, for sanity, for God's will.  Pray for the funds to come through and the process to be swift.  Pray for clarity and a change of perspective for those who would oppose this permanency plan.  Pray for the kiddos who are being put in danger as they're forced to visit relatives they hardly know (and who don't keep them safe).
  • Donate.  Mimi at "I Must Be Trippin'" has organized a puzzle fundraiser to support Cherubmamma and her family.  To participate, all you have to do is donate using the donate button at the top of my page.  For every $5 donated, Cherubmamma and her family will add a piece to their puzzle, literally, with your name on it.  To read more about this puzzle and what it means to her, please click here.  I will also match every donation that comes through my blog up to $200.  If you're a foster parent, consider donating a portion of your monthly stipend toward this fight.  Imagine if everyone who has been praying for these little cherubs donated for one puzzle piece.  Or two.  Imagine what could be done. 
I happen to believe that when you do both - pray and donate - you're attacking this problem with Cherubmamma in the spiritual world AND the physical and that the combination is powerful.  I also know without a doubt that this will be especially encouraging to Cherubmamma as she and her family take up this fight.  Let's let her know she is not alone.  We are here to support her.

Finally, keep an eye out for more information on another project designed to raise money.  As we speak several of us are working feverishly on writing down a piece of our journey to share with you all in the form of an e-book.  Pray for us as we pursue this avenue as well, that the stories written will touch hearts and lives and in the end help finance Cherub Mamma's journey. 

If you've ever wanted to help - this is your chance.  Every $5 matters.  Every prayer matters.  Every note to CherubMamma matters.  Let's band together.  GO!


CherubMamma said...

Thank you so very much!!

Words cannot come close to expressing how much gratitude I have for all of your help.

I love how you emphasized attacking this problem in both the spiritual world and the physical world.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

MamaFoster said...

Mie, your button isn't working to donate.

Alice said...

Well said! Mama Foster offered to equally match donations up to $200 if you make your donation through her blog.

Mie said...

Ok Mama Foster - I think it's fixed. Everyone let me know if the button isn't working still.