Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Health

Last night we had our second visit with our new kiddos.  It went fabulously.  I really couldn't believe it.  I thought we'd have more challenge.  The challenge will come, I'm sure, but yesterday it went well.

That is, at least until I was on my way home and began to get car sick.  As the night progressed it got worse.  And worse.  I struggled through the night.  I thought I had a stomach bug because that seemed to be the worse complaint but as the night progressed I really struggled with body pain.  My whole body hurt (and I have a temperpedic bed - it shouldn't hurt).  I felt miserable and didn't sleep much.  I did my best to get up to get my kids ready for school but really couldn't do the getting up part.  I managed to get my son to the bus.

It wasn't until about 1pm when i realized I had a high fever.  No wonder I hurt so bad.  After I took some ibuprofen i was able to go to sleep for a couple hours and the fever broke.  I'm still not really able to get up but I'm hoping I can get to work tomorrow. (not likely based on today)

With all that said, I'm really thankful for health today.  You don't realize how good you have it until you're gone.  As I laid around today and whined and moaned from how bad I felt I also noticed all the crap around the house I wanted to do and wished I felt good enough to get up and do it.  Maybe tomorrow...

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