Monday, October 03, 2011

Say What (!?!) Sunday - Party Request

This weekend we celebrated Logan's birthday.  I wanted to cry the entire weekend.  I can't believe he is growing up.  Furthermore, I struggle with feeling I'll never be able to show him how much he is loved and how special he really is.  Then top it off with his usual conversations like this one, and it just makes a momma want to weep!

L: Mom.
Mie: Yes L.
L: Mom.
Mie: Yes L.
I throw this in for posterity - to give you that "real life" feel!

L: Mom I want to throw a party.
Mie: Ok Log. 
L: But not a birthday party. 
Mie: Ok, why do you want...
L: Interrupting - he's learned the art of conversation in our home well.  I want to throw a party to say sorry to you.  Remember a long, long time ago?
Mie: Yes, when Logie?
L: A long, long, time ago when I was mean and called you a brat and stuff?

I assure you, this was a long, long time ago.  Several months, maybe close to a year!

Mie: Yes, Logie.  I remember that.  You didn't talk with love that day.
L: Yes and I threw a big fit.  I never said sorry to you mommy.  (Yes, he did...I assure you) I want to throw a party for you to say I'm sorry to you for talking mean to you mommy.  I love you so much and I don't want to talk mean to you.

I honestly don't know what I said after that...probably a reminder that I forgave him, an acknowledgement of his kindness and remebering to say sorry and thoughtfulness about the party.  But I was so caught up in the sweetness of that conversation that I don't remember what happened next!

Oh.  I just love that boy.

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